Gisele Bundchen And Daughter Vivian Are Eerily Identical


Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, is a beloved environmental activist, wife, and mother. She practices Transcendental meditation and follows a plant-based diet. She loves to help others. She and husband, Tom Brady have served Thanksgiving dinner to Goodwill employees, one year. She also donates a portion of her Ipanema sandals to several charities. She is married to American football player, Tom Brady and they have two kids together, plus, Tom's son from a previous marriage.

People have spoken about her and daughter, Vivian's similar features. However, it become even more apparent when a fan posted, on Instagram, a picture of Gisele and Vivian, side-by-side. At first glance, you might ask, "Who is who?" But the dead give-away is that Cabbage Patch doll, so you know that the little girl on the left, of the split picture, is Gisele Bundchen.

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Gisele and Daughter Split
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She wrote a rhetorical question as her caption, "Do you guys think my baby girl and I look alike?" The picture went viral, and more photos of the model and her 6-year-old daughter surfaced. Her fans, on Instagram, flooded her comments with such positive feedback. As reported by USAToday, followers said, "I never saw two people that look so much alike your (sic) both beautiful," and "Shes (sic) is her Momma clone," wrote another one of her followers. "Both absolutely gorgeous." We can all agree with these comments.

Gisele and Daughter Split2
Credit: Instagram

Of course, Tom Brady is very proud of his girls. He shares the same thoughts, as many others, about the mother-daughter duo's similarities, including the way they act. "Like mother, like daughter," is the perfect phrase for these two beauties. He went on, further, to explain how he, and Gisele, manage to balance their relationship as a couple and parents. He admits they have conflicting schedules and that they are two strong-willed people. He is currently playing in the NFL, as it is football season. Nonetheless, they make it work. That is what relationships are all about. When one is weak, the other one is strong and vise versa. They have been married since 2009.

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