Girl Scout Cookie Drive-Through Exists

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Welp, Girl Scout season is upon us, and this is both very good and very bad. Good, because Girl Scout cookies are the best obviously. Plus, every box you buy supports a great organization and helps these hard-working kiddos make a difference with their troops. But bad because ... well. You can't buy (or eat) just one box. And the season is timed to coincide with a lot of people's healthy eating and diet goals! You made a plan at the start of the year to eat better and work out, and then along come these adorable little Scouts with their vests and their badges and their cases of delicious cookies. How can you refuse?!

Also, isn't funny how you never know how many of your friend's kids are in Girl Scouts until cookie season rolls around? Suddenly you're getting hit for sales by everyone from coworkers to that girl you sat next to in science lab in high school. But we're always down for a few boxes, we're not mad at it. However, we would be 100% in for a Girl Scout cookie drive-thru, like the one put on by an elementary school in Indiana. Let's make this a national thing, Girl Scouts!

A very smart group of scouts made their cookies highly accessible, holding a Girl Scout cookie drive-thru event the day before Superbowl Sunday. People were invited to head to the parking lot of Butler Lab School, and support local troops without ever leaving their car! The troop who held the event offered all the good stuff: Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Trefoils, Savannah Smiles, the gluten-free Toffee-Tastic, and S'Mores.

Prices were the same as you'd pay if you bought them from a cookie booth or from the scout ringing your doorbell: $6 for the gluten-free cookies, $5 for everything else. So on top of making it easy to get your fix, they didn't even charge patrons extra for the convenience! Brilliant. Diabolically brilliant.

Back in our day, you sold them door-to-door or not at all. But we love that Girl Scouts are getting innovative. They have websites now where you can purchase cookies and have them shipped to you, they have sales events, and they even have drive-thrus. Anything to sell some cookies!

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