10 Times Lorelai Gilmore Ruled Being A Mom

The wonderful world of television is great for providing audiences with perfect Moms, awful Moms, and Moms that you probably sometimes wished were your Mom. However, there are some shows that portray realistic Moms, Moms that you often see in your own mothers and Moms that you might be yourself.

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Gilmore Girls, which launched in 2000, introduced audiences all over the world to Lorelai Gilmore, a young Mom struggling to conform to what her parents expected her to be and how others expected her to behave. The show lasted for a whopping seven years, and in that time the character of Lorelai developed into a character who was pretty difficult not to love. Here are 10 times Lorelai Gilmore ruled being a Mom.

10 She's Supportive

Gilmore Girls might not represent everybody's relationship with their mother but there sure are moments and situations that you can relate to. Yes, the show, which details a mother/daughter relationship in all its glory, might be a far cry from most mother/daughter relationships but that doesn't mean that such things don't happen.

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For instance, Lorelai, played by the amazing Lauren Graham, is often very supportive of her daughter, Rory, played by the equally impressive, Alexis Bledel. In fact, even when Rory does idiotic things like sleeping with her married ex-boyfriend, Lorelai lays down the law but is still just as supportive of her daughter.

9 She Tells The Truth

Love her or hate her, Lorelai Gilmore might not be everybody's favorite mother figure on television, but at least you can't fault her for not telling the truth. That's right, Lorelai often gets herself into trouble with her big mouth, which she usually has a hard time closing.

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Throughout the series, Lorelai is known for her acid tongue, as well as having a no holds barred relationship with her daughter. In fact, Lorelai always seems to tell it like it is, which includes letting her daughter, her mother, her father and the men in her life what she thinks of them.

8 She's Funny

Above all, Gilmore Girls is known for its speedy dialogue and witty writing. In fact, writers, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, intended the script to be as snappy as possible claiming that comedy needed to be that way otherwise it would die a slow and agonizing death.

As a result, the characters involved are often hilarious, each with their own quirks and personalities. However, it is usually Lorelai who steals the show when it comes to being funny, with the young Mom often to blame for making her daughter smile. You know what they say...laughter really is the best medicine.

7 She Has The Best Advice

Say what you want about Lorelai's parenting skills but let's face it, she's had a rather unconventional start to life herself. It is revealed early on that Lorelai comes from a wealthy family with an overbearing mother and a father who works a lot. However, for Lorelai, this is not the life that she sees herself ending up in.

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As a result, Lorelai gets pregnant at 16, which shocks her parents. Lorelai decides to leave the family home and raise her daughter without any help. Yes, Lorelai really has lived a rather difficult life, something that can also help when it comes to giving her own daughter advice and not going down the same path that she did.

6 She Makes Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, even Moms. That's right, sometimes the pressure is on to appear as if you have everything under control. However, it is important to remember that not everybody is perfect and that everybody has the right to make mistakes, yes even Moms.

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Lorelai Gilmore is a great example of this by continuously choosing the wrong men and often the wrong decisions when it comes to her own journey. Nevertheless, even though she does make mistakes in her life, it still sets a good example for her daughter that life is full of mistakes and it is OK to make them.

5 She Does The Best Parties

One of the best things Lorelai ever did was throw her daughter not one but two sixteenth birthday parties. Yes, in the episode, unsurprisingly titled, "Rory's Birthday Parties" Rory is treated to two birthday bashes but with very different vibes.

The first is a much more formal event, with Lorelai's mom (Rory's grandma) taking over the massive milestone. However, in the end, Lorelai comes to the rescue and throws Rory the sixteenth birthday that she always wanted, along with all of Rory's friends, a cake with her face on it and a brand new laptop. Surely that racks up a few Mom points?

4 She Knows How To Deal With Break Ups

First loves are the worst, not only are they extremely difficult to handle but they also impact how you look at love for the rest of your life. First breakups are even worse, so what better than to unload onto someone who has lived it. Yes, Lorelai is the best you can get when it comes to dealing with breakups, and gives her daughter some of the best advice with regards to coping.

Firstly, Lorelai teachers Rory how to "wallow" showing her that eating junk food, sitting on the sofa and festering in your own misery is the best way to go about it. Sounds great!

3 She Refused To Settle 

Everybody needs a great role model in their life, especially when it comes to dating, relationships, and love. While she may not be the best at committing to someone, she sure is great at putting herself first. Yes, throughout the show's run, Lorelai was famed for her messy relationships, fear of commitment and refusal to just settle for anyone.

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Sadly, this wasn't so great for the fans, who were extremely desperate for her to marry Luke, settle down and have thousands of kids. However, although this wasn't great for audiences, it was a great role model for her daughter, who took on the same qualities when it came to dating as she grew older.

2 She Was Nice To Her Daughter's Friends

It can be hard when you don't like your children's friends, especially as they get older. However, even if they are somewhat annoying, it is important that you at least make an effort. Yes, research suggests that the more time you get to know your children's friends the closer you and your kid will be.

Lorelai Gilmore certainly believed this theory and made an effort with every one of Rory's friends, even her boyfriends. For instance, Lorelai often acts as a mother figure for Rory's best friend, Lane, who doesn't quite share the same bond with her own mother that Rory and Lorelai have.

1 She Gave Up Her Life

Many parents would happily give up their own life to provide for their children, with Lorelai no different. However, Lorelai originally came from extreme wealth and fortune, with a mother that she couldn't stand and a father that she never saw. Despite coming from money, Lorelai leaves home at just 16, along with a baby.

Determined to provide for herself and her baby, Lorelai starts work at an inn as a maid, a hotel that she eventually ends up owning. Furthermore, Lorelai makes sure that Rory gets everything she desires, from going to an Ivy League college to conquering the world.

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