You Can Book A ‘Gilmore Girls’ Holiday At Lorelei’s Actual House

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If hearing the words "Gilmore Girls" makes your heart flutter into a frenzy, then you will be booking your flight to Los Angelos as soon as your finish reading this big Stars Hallow news. You can now have a holiday lunch at Lorelei's house, and the fun doesn't stop there.

We all know how magical the twinkling lights have always looked strung all over Stars Hallow, holiday after holiday. If you've ever sat in anticipation of Lorelei being able to smell snow as your proper indication of when winter had actually arrived, you're going to want to take advantage of this offer.

According to Bustle, Dec. 21, 2019 and Jan. 5, 2020, you’ll be able to walk around or favorite fictional Connecticut town in real life and live like a Gilmore Girl for an afternoon.

This tradition started last holiday season under the name Holiday Lunch at Lorelai’s and we're super excited to hear that Warner Bros is doing it again! You can visit their backlot  to see firsthand, Lorelai Gilmore’s house all decked out for the holidays and “walk in the familiar footsteps” of Gilmore Girls’ cast of characters, per the Warner Bros. Studio Tour website. This holiday extravaganza also included a special look at many of the props and costumes used in the show displayed in their natural habitats for the ultimate selfie taking possibilities.

This year, the experience has added things like photo-opps in front of Luke’s Diner and you'll be able to “explore the town square and walk up the stairs of Stars Hollow High School just like Rory, Lane, and Dean,” as the Warner Bros. Studio Tour website says.

And more good new: you don’t need a separate ticket toWarner Bros for this event! According to the Gilmore Girls Holiday FAQ, it’s included as part of the regular Studio Tour, the Classics Made Here Tour (both 3 hours long), and the Deluxe Tour (self-guided and six hours long). If you buy your tickets in advance, the two shorter tours will cost you about $69, while the longer one is $295. A small price for the Gilmore Girls experience of a lifetime!

Sad new though: the lunch at Lorelei's is not included in those ticket prices. For this option, you will need to buy food on site like pizza, burgers, and of course - Pop-Tarts and coffee. There will also be vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

Credit: Netflix

As of right now, Warner Bros. has not yet revealed what the lunch with Lorelei food option will be, but last year's menu was “oven roasted turkey breast with cranberry-shallot sauce, lemon garlic roasted chicken, veggie burgers, fries, home-style macaroni salad, garlic buttered corn, salads, and more,” as Bustle’s Mia Mercado reported at the time.

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