Everything You Need To Know About Gillette's Disposable Razor Recall

If there's one thing you don't want to be faulty, it's razor blades. As if shaving your legs isn't difficult enough, a dodgy blade only makes matters worse. Unfortunately for everyone in the hair removal business, Gillette is recalling their disposable razors due to uneven blades. It's summer and if you're into smooth and silky, the chances are you've been extra-busy de-fluffing yourself lately. If you're a loyal customer to the razor brand, then you may want to check what you've bought recently.

The products in question are the Venus Simpyl3 Disposable Razors and the Venus Daisy 12 plus 1 Venus Simply3 Bonus Pack. In lamens terms, there was a manufacturing error that caused the blades to be misaligned. While some people may not encounter any issues, there have been some reports of lacerations. No one wants that when they're trying to prepare for a long day at the beach. A staggering 87,000 packets have been recalled nationally, with a further 2,700 that hit the Canadian market.

Gillette has released a thorough press release detailing the product to help consumers figure out if they have them. Just in case you no longer have the pack, the razors come in pink, purple and yellow and are fairly easy to identify. The packages affected were sold between January and May of this year for between $6-$10. For the Venus Simply3 Disposable Razors, Gillette has provided the following lot numbers:  9003A17400 & 9007A17400, UPC code 047400315358. For Venus Daisy 12 plus 1 Venus Simply3 Bonus Pack, lot number 9009A17400, UPC code 047400300712.

If you think you've got some of the offending products, Gillette advises you to stop using them immediately for your own safety. You can return the products to the store you bought them from and receive a full refund. The company will send out a free replacement product too. For more details on how to claim this, visit the Gillette website. Although it may sound like a lot of products have been bodged, to put in perspective, the cosmetics giant manufacturers over 3 million razors each month.

The Venus Consumer Care Team are able to answer any further questions regarding this situation. You can contact them on 800-362-1258.

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