The Perfect From-The-Heart Gift Boxes For Your Friends Going Through Stuff

There is no one way to be a good friend. That is one of the best parts of friendship, the way a relationship can and will evolve as time progresses. Sometimes being a good friend is as simple as sending a quick text just to say “hi.” Other times, it may be agreeing to be listed as their emergency contact (or the emergency contact for their kids!) But no matter what the specifics look like, a good friendship is one where you go through life’s ups and downs side by side.

Having to buy your friends gifts can often be a challenge. Even when you know them well, there’s still always the worry that they’re going to already have what you’ve picked out, or if you’re getting them something they’re actually going to use. Sometimes, you want to get them a little something just because you know they may be having a tough time, or because you just want to let know that you’re thinking of them. When you're totally stumped on what to get, gift boxes are the way to go. They are beautifully curated, often based around different occasions, or just because.

When your friend is having a tough time at work

Work sucks a lot of the time. Whether it be a difficult boss, not enough pay, terrible coworkers. It’s hard to watch our friend suffer, and sometimes beside sending them links to new jobs where they may actually be appreciated, we feel there isn’t much we can do to make them feel better. Enter the Mindful Moment Gift Box by Knack ($41.) This gift box is perfect for some post work de-stressing. Complete with a mindfulness adult coloring book and colored pencils. The box also contains chocolate (or espresso) covered almonds. But the good thing is, even though it’s a pre-designed box, you can customize it further!

When your divorced mom friend has her first kid free weekend

Staycation Suite by Simone LeBlanc ($70.) This gorgeous box is everything your bestie will need to treat herself to a truly decadent bathing experience. Aside from a woodsy scented candle, there are 3 spa quality bath essentials. She can choose between a salt soak and a milk bath and then follow it with a facial steam. It also comes with a journal, so she can write down all of her feelings.

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For your friend who’s a chocoholic

There is really never a time when chocolate is a bad idea, especially when it looks like The Chocolate Box from BKLYN Larder ($69.) This specially curated box is full of chocolate baked deliciousness, including chocolate shortbread cookies with sea salt flakes (salt really enhances the flavor of chocolate) and freshly baked babka, a yeast based pastry with swirls of dark chocolate. There is also a fair-trade chocolate bar. The chocolate box is a perfect “just because” gift, but it’s also great for just about any other reason. Just be aware that there are shipping restrictions on this box due to freshness, but you can get the info on the website.

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For your friend who is getting married

For many women, the “something blue” part of the wedding tradition is difficult. There are of course, subtle ways you can incorporate the color into the wedding. Enter the Something Blue Gift Box by Foxblossom ($60.) A great gift to say congratulations or for a bridal shower if the bride is having one, this box contains a ring dish, Sugarfina champagne bubbles candy and two different blue options. The bride can use a blue Essie nail polish, or a blue hair tie to lowkey incorporate blue into her special day. The linen keepsake box also comes with a hand lettered, personalized tag.

When it’s your girl’s birthday

Toast to another year of fabulousness! If you want to do something a little special for one of your girls’ birthdays then you should absolutely send her the Birthday Babe Gift Box from ONEHOPE Wine ($49.) The Birthday Babe box comes with a bottle of Sparkling Brut, balloons, confetti, a rice krispy treat covered in rainbow sprinkles and a gold ‘Happy Birthday’ garland. How could she not feel special?

To say thank you for anything and everything

There are plenty of things to say thank you for, maybe because you spent the weekend in her guestroom, or because she wrote you a kickass recommendation letter. Or maybe you just want to say thank you for being such a good friend. This Merci Box from BOXFOX ($32) is the perfect way to do so. It comes with a beautiful rose candle, two pens, and two mini notebooks that can be used for just about anything. It also comes with a handwritten card and a keepsake box.

When you want to celebrate an amazing mom

We all know how awesome moms can be. And sending them a little reminder every once in awhile is always appreciated. The Mom Box by Greetabl (price varies) is completely customizable, which means you can add some special treats for any of the moms in your life, including your own mom. The coolest thing about the Greetabl box is that it folds out into a personalized card. You can pick and choose every item that goes into the box, from bath salts to chocolates. And the gifts are affordable, so you’re not breaking the bank.

These gift boxes take all the guess work out of gifting, and do all the work for you. Now you don't have to go to a million stores, or worry about getting to the post office. You don't even need to remember the card, they do it all for you! So, which one will you be sending?

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