10 Gifts Every Small Boy Will Love For Christmas

If you are mom to a boy, you will know the song about boys being made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails is true.

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They like to be active and get involved, experimenting and collecting and causing a stir along the way. Christmas gifts should be suited towards their busy lifestyle, helping them to be the brave explorers that they are.

If you are wondering what to get your special little man, then consider his nature and his heart first and buy something which will help him to be the best boy he can be. Here are 10 gifts to consider getting your child for Christmas, if you are mom to a boy.

10 A Science Kit

Experiments fascinate boys. They will throw things into water just to see the effect of the ripples on the surface, or poke at surfaces to see what pops out.

Why not facilitate this process by buying a special science kit for them, with volcano and rocket experiments or kits to make their own natural crystals. Boys will love watching things explode or change color or grow, under their scientific expertise.

9 Wheels!

The faster the better. Remote control cars are no longer just of the go-forward, go-backward variety. Most toy stores stock a variety of cars which can spin, turn and speed in all directions.

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Some can rev up on their back wheels and light up while they do so. Others have roofs which open at the press of the button to reveal an impressive set of guns and ammunition. The remote control in his hand will make him feel like he is a part of the wheel-spinning action.

8 A Basketball Hoop

If your child is the sporty type, they will appreciate a hoop for practicing their balls skills. Some stores sell self-standing hoops for smaller children, and others, hoops with wall backings which can be nailed to the wall outside, and used for basketball purposes.

This kind of gift will also be appreciated for years to come, and is not just fun, but is also one of those ‘useful, educational’ gifts which benefit your child with life-changing skills as they play.

7 Art Supplies

Supplies could mean anything – from paints, to crayons, to pencils, to stencils, to paper. Some children come alive when a paintbrush is put in their hands and if yours is one of those, why not get them lots of fun, arty material which they can use when it’s rainy outside, or when they start taking things apart and show a desire to be creative.

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Formalized art material might save you from the frustration of finding drawings on the walls, or of finding buttons and springs, for example, have been taken from other household appliances, for ‘art purposes’.

6 A Shirt From Their Favorite Team

Boys start to choose ‘their team’ from when they are fairly young. Why not get them a soccer shirt, in the colors of their favorite soccer team.

Whether it’s Liverpool or Manchester United, or Arsenal, your child will love having their own team paraphernalia… as long as you buy them the correct team! They will enjoy sitting watching the game with dad or granddad, with their own supporter kit on.

5 Lego

You can’t go wrong with Lego when it comes to boys. Something inside of a boy loves to build and design structures, and Lego provides this opportunity, along with the challenge of building according to a set design.

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Boys also love a challenge, since challenges appeal to their innate desire to conquer and overcome. Superhero Lego is all the rage at the moment, and there are also Lego options which allow for the child to build, for example, their own remote control car.

4 Something That Roars (We Suggest A Toy Dinosaur)

If it has scales, or wings, or teeth or a roar, chances are your little guy will love it. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you freak out when a lizard or reptile species crosses your path, your son will do the same.

He finds them quite endearing! Toy stores now stock remote control lizards and even snakes, and there are dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park variety which roar on command.

3 A Bug Collector Set

A bug jar with a net and a magnifying glass might be just what your little guy needs to equip him to go out into the garden and Great Outdoors and explore.

Or how about an ant farm, which allows kids to collect ants and watch the colony interact through the specially designed glass screen of the container. Even a book on bugs with bright, colorful pictures will be a special present for a child who loves collecting bugs.

2 A Play-Tent

Kids love to create their own space where they can pretend they are in an imaginary world, as a dragon slayer or prince, or monster, or superhero.

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A tent will facilitate this play process. Some tents available are designed to resemble castles or houses. They also make an impressive present on Christmas morning, and you could even set the tent up next to the tree and place the gifts inside for some extra Christmas fun.

1 A Puppy

This one is a little more difficult to wrap and yes, it is high maintenance, but what kid doesn’t want to find a puppy under the tree on Christmas morning. If you already plan on getting a dog in the new year, why not use Christmas morning as the opportunity to introduce the said pup to the family and to the child.

Put a bow around his or her neck and place the sweet animal in an open box with high sides under the tree (in the morning, just before you anticipate your child waking up).

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