10 Gifts That Encourage Kids To Move

When birthdays, holidays and other celebrations roll around, kids receive toys, clothes, games and more toys, and while it can be great to buy them entertaining items, it is good to, at times, think about two-in-one gifts, as well…

The 10 ideas below can all provide hours of fun for kids of all ages, along with their families, and they can all encourage movement, too. From making exercise moves a game and keeping track of overall health to pretending to train to be the next Ninja Warrior, there are definitely some cool options that are sure to be hits.

10 ThinkFun Yoga Spinner


This award-winning product is from ThinkFun, which brings brain and logic games. With this spinner, an individual, siblings, a class or a group of friends/family members can wait to see which yoga moves are up next, and doing them can strengthen the body and mind.

Since there are 54 different yoga poses included here, everyone will enjoy learning new movements, seeing who excels where and practicing to get even better. Yoga is a very beneficial practice, and spinning in order to do it makes it even more enjoyable!

9 LETSCOM Fitness Tracker


Children can get in on the fitness tracker trend with one like this. It automatically and continuously monitors heart rate and sleep, and it keeps up with activities like steps, distance and calories burned; plus, looking at all the data can be a good way to measure progress, when it comes to any sort of physical activity.

There are 14 exercise modes from which to choose, as well as a GPS. This tracker also shows call, calendar and message notifications, can easily be charged via USB and comes in some great color options like black, blue, green, red, purple and pink.

8 SPRI Exercise Dice


These foam, six-sided fitness dice have workouts on one and rep counts on the other, making for random and exciting workouts! The movements include jumping jacks, crunches, squats, push-ups, lunges and a wildcard, and the numbers include 30, 60 and 90 seconds and 10, 20 and 30 reps.

These also come in a mesh carrying bag, so they can be transported to and from the backyard, a friend’s house, the gym or a local park, in order to make working out more like a game that everyone can do together.

7 Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good for You: All About Staying Healthy


From the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library comes Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good for You: All About Staying Healthy, a book that goes over healthy living; it covers eating, sleeping, handwashing, flossing, wearing protective gear when playing sports and more.

There are also 16 pages of bonus materials, which includes healthy recipes that kiddos can make at home and let the whole family try! Cat in the Hat is a classic character, and young readers (and older ones!) will love learning these valuable lessons from him.

6 JumJoe Kids Trampoline


Every kid wants a trampoline, and this little guy is another awesome gift idea. It can be assembled in minutes, then folded up and easily transported. It can be used inside or out, allowing for play throughout all seasons.

It features a durable mat and tubular steel frame, as well as a handlebar with a cushion and a padded frame cover, for more comfort, protection and safety. Children will have a blast jumping on this, and all the while, they will be getting in physical fitness and improving their coordination, too.

5 Just Dance 2019


In today’s day and age, technology can and should be used as a way to promote movement, too, so up next is Just Dance 2019. This popular game is all about moving and grooving, and this particular version is for the Nintendo Switch.

There are exclusive choreographies, catchy songs and hours of play just waiting to be enjoyed. This is something that the entire family can join in on, as well, as it is literally a game that encourages healthy movement… and that shows who can dance and who can’t!

4 AppleRound Pack of 4 Sports Balls with 1 Pump


Sports are a common way to get kids active, so a classic gift set like this is great. It comes with a soccer ball, basketball, football, playground ball and pump, and they are all soft to catch and easy to grip, making them work for a variety of ages.

They are also made from durable PVC, so there are no phthalates or heavy metal elements. And with the included pump, these balls can easily be inflated and deflated, so that the fun never stops, whether a kid is playing soccer, shooting hoops, kicking a football or playing catch with a buddy.

3 AKAMATE Kids Action Camera


Another tech-related gift is the AKAMATE Kids Action Camera. It has a 2" color screen, five different frame photo effects, games and a long-lasting and rechargeable battery. It can even be used underwater, for some super unique shots, and there are two mounting kits included, so that this camera can record while attached to skateboards, bikes and more.

The camera comes with a durable neck strap and a carry bag, too, making it easy for older kids to get outside, explore a new hobby and use this really neat gadget.

2 Franklin Sports Combo Set


Something else that will promote movement and that will be a good option for kids of all ages and their families is the Franklin Sports Combo Set. It comes with badminton (two racquets and two shuttlecocks), a volleyball, flip toss (two scoops and a ball), horseshoes (four horseshoes and two stakes) and a flying disc.

That is so many options, and it’s all included in just this one set! There is also a net that is adjustable in height and that can turn any backyard into the ultimate gaming destination.

1 American Ninja Warrior Competition Set


Last but not least, a kid, a family or a group of pals can pretend they are on TV with the American Ninja Warrior Competition Set. Racing like on the show is fun, but just going through the obstacles one by one is also entertaining, as well as a very good workout.

There are 14" agility rings, 30" x 20" hop sacks and three hurdles, and there are different ideas for obstacle course setups; siblings can go head-to-head, birthday attendees can be grouped into teams, or parents can be timed while going up against their kids!

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