These Men’s Holiday Rompers Are Now Available As Onesies

Now that we've made it through Halloween, we can REALLY start planning for Christmas! We know, we know - there's still Thanksgiving to think about. But really, what do we need to do to prep for that besides make sure we have plenty of stretchy pants and wine? Christmas is the holiday that requires quite a bit of planning. There are decorations to put up, trees to pick out, and gifts to buy. And of course, we have to consider our holiday party wardrobe!

If you're like us, you probably already have a collection of ugly Christmas sweaters that is almost embarrassing. But while it's not hard to find an outrageous Christmas outfit for yourself, it can be a bit more difficult finding one for that holiday-loving dude in your life. That is, until now. Feast your eyes on these AMAZING ugly holiday onesies!

Website Get On Fleek made a bit of name for themselves last year with their ugly holiday rompers for men. The short-sleeve shorts rompers are ... well, they're ugly. They're real ugly, you guys. But it's the spirit of the season, right? However, when it's cold outside, you can't really walk around in shorts. So thankfully, the company has expanded their line of ugly holiday wear for men to include long-sleeve onesies. Basically, feety jams for grown men. You know you want one.

Image: Get On Fleek

Just ... look at it. It's glorious! The onesies come in five sizes: small, medium, large, XL, and 2XL. It's long-sleeve pants, with pockets! And it has a double front zipper and hood. We just ... it's perfect. The onesies come in four different patterns, so there's something for everyone!

Image: Get On Fleek

Obviously the guy in your life needs the Santa onesie. But don't think these amazing creations are limited to just Christmas.

Image: Get On Fleek

That, friends, is the ugliest and most amazing Hanukkah onesie we have ever seen in our entire life.

The holiday onesies retail for $139.95, but they happen to be on sale right now for $89.95, so hurry! That sounds like a deal you can't possibly pass up.

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