10 Ways To Get Kids Excited For The New School Year

With summer coming to a close most kids are all but excited to hear those school bells ring again. Gone will be the days of cookouts and staying out at friends and family's house and swimming in the neighborhood pool. But there are ways parents can create some excitement for the next months ahead, after all, school is a time for kids to learn about themselves and the world, meet new friends and get one step closer to figuring out what they want out of life.

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So just how do parents turn the "five more minutes!" cry into "Is it time for school yet?" well it all starts before school actually begins. Read on for 10 tips to getting kids excited about school this year.

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10 Pick Out Back To School Supplies

Nothing says back to school like new notebooks and writing utensils. But letting your little one pick out the things he or she likes: like his or her own backpack or pocket folder can really get them excited about back to school because he or she will feel like they have a say in the back to school process suggests The Smart Shopper guide. 

Knowing that his or her school stuff will be top-notch and exactly what he or she likes will give him or her a "boost of confidence" that will make he or she love school.

9 Visit The School

Visiting the school before school starts can really get little ones excited for the new school year. Seeing the new playground and hallways, looking at their new lockers can be a game-changer for getting children excited about school.

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If this isn't your little one's first time at that specific school visiting just beforehand and trying to do a fun activity while on the premises, like take a photo in a fun spot that you'll revisit next year, or find the best spot on the bleachers can still be a great way to get excited about school.

8 Meet And Greet

For a pretty pain free way to transition your little one to school AND get them excited about going, consider taking him or her to meet their future teacher before hand. If the teacher is nice this will give your little one a huge boost.

Many preschools host an open house, where parents, teachers, and children can get to know each other. "If you show your child that the teacher is someone you like and trust, he'll have an easier time forming an attachment to her," says preschool teacher Alisa Clark Ackerman.

7 Rituals And Traditions

Another fun way to get your little one interested in school is to start a fun new tradition that will help start the school year.

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Really talk up the new tradition you two are planning, even plan when where and how with your little one, that way, on the big day the two of you can do a dance in front of the entrance of the school, or listen to your favorite song in the car on full blast, or eat chocolate-covered pancakes for breakfast, (just to name a few ideas.) Whatever ritual you and your little one concoct, it is sure to get him or her excited about starting school.

6 New Homework Area

Nothing expresses excitement quite like having one's own area in the house. Aside from his or her bedroom, parents can set up a homework area somewhere in the house that is just for your little one to really get them excited about the new school year ahead, Psych Central suggests.

The area can consist of a desk, maybe photos and displays of your little one's achievements, and some brand new school supplies, of course. Having their own area and being involved in picking out what he or she needs for homework will really help get them excited for school.

5 Shopping Spree!!

Ready for school? Great! It's time for back to school shopping. Take your little one shopping on an impromptu shopping spree for everything he or she will need for school. New clothes and shoes are bound to get he or she excited about going back to school.

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Make sure to take a special interest and allow your little one to pick out his or her own outfits. You may not love every choice, but as long as it is school appropriate – go for it! If your little one wears uniforms go after fun accessories that will really help him or her make their mark.

4 Summer Bucketlist

With the summer winding down now is the time to finish up all of those really fun tasks your little one asked if you could do at the beginning of the summer that you haven't just gotten around to yet. That means that white water rafting trip he or she was so interested in taking, or that trip to the amusement park that seemed just a bit too expensive a few months ago.

Checking off the summer bucket list before school is a great way to help your child find the close to a fun chapter and get ready for a new creative one.

3 Read! Write! Learn!

Read and write with your child and get them interested in what they are going to be doing as a daily activity at school. Parents.com suggests using fun and creative ways to teach your child about storytelling and writing.

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Depending on your child's grade level, consider creating a few stories of your own, or acting out books to get them more involved. Any preparation toward a more academic way of thinking is bound to get him or her mentally ready and excited, which is something parents definitely will not regret.

2 Let The Countdown Begin

While parents may be already counting down the days until their child can go back to school, kids may not be as enthusiastic. One other way to get them involved in the fun is to create a countdown calendar that they have control over.

This can be something they rip off or a calendar they mark up, allow your little one to decide what sort of calendar they like and make sure to remind them at bedtime to check off another day. If this is your little one's first time going to school, Parents.com says parents should try not to hype up the idea too much, but it may help to explain what will happen when they get there.

1 Question And Answer

Be ready to answer questions for your child about this upcoming school year and encourage them to ask. Children are naturally curious so they are bound to have a few queries about what the new year ahead will hold in store for them. "What if my teacher doesn't like me?

What if the other kids don't like me? What if the teacher picks me and I don't know the answer?" These questions may seem tough, but try to answer them in a securing way to show your child everything is going to be alright. After all, we've all had to go to school before at some point.

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