This Trick For Getting Kids To Do Their Chores Works Like A Charm

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We think it's safe to say that pretty much every parent struggles at least a little bit when we try to get our kids to do their chores. It's important to teach them these life skills, but getting them to actually do the task all on their own, whenever they're supposed to is another story. And cue the daily parenting challenges! Thankfully, we've got a little trick to share with you today that will help tremendously - it will seriously blow your mind.

With every parent having their own tactics these days to get their kids doing their chores like paying them, using a chore chart or even some type of reward program, it shows that the struggle is real for us all. Collectively, parents worldwide can all probably agree how hard this is, especially when children are really little. While they might be good intentioned, sometimes little ones create more of a mess when helping out - so we end up just taking everything over, shooing them away, and doing it ourselves. Even though this tactic will save us time in the present, it can create problems in the long run.

NPR’s Michaeleen Doucleff shared, “Sure, toddlers may want to help, but let's face reality here. They can be clumsy, destructive and even enraging. Their involvement in chores often slows things down or makes a mess. For this reason, many parents…rebuff a toddler's offer to help.”

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So what should we be doing instead? Encourage those little ones right from the start, because it will pay off big time as they grow older. She explains that we need to think of this as "an investment." Yes, it might take more time from our day now to explain to our two year old how to fold the clothes or wipe down the table, but by investing in their want to help, they will grow into an older child who still wants to help with each passing year.

After all, she warns, if you drill it into your child's head that they can't be involved in doing household work at a young age, they will believe you and continue to lose interest. We call this kicking chore troubles to the curb right from the start.

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