Parents Facing $4,000 Fine If They Don't Vaccinate Children

While vaccinating your kids can be a divisive issue, the German government isn't waffling when it comes to public safety. They have just backed a bill that proposes that parents who do not vaccinate their kids for measles should be given hefty fines.

The bill will require parents to give proof of their child's vaccination status for enrollment into kindergarten. If they cannot come up with this, they will be given a hefty fine. According to CNN Health, these fines could be as high as €2,500, which is approximately $2,800 USD.

Apparently, Germany had incredibly high numbers of reported cases of measles. This number seems to be rising, and this bill is the government's attempt at intervention. Measles is a contagious airborne illness that can cause unpleasant symptoms including a red rash. It is completely preventable, and the vaccines can help protect people from the virus. Typically, there are 2 doses given in childhood to protect from the measles. So even if a family has had their child vaccinated one time, they need to get both doses in order for it to be completely effective.

These days with the amount anti-vax rhetoric, many people are choosing to not get their children vaccinated which can pose a health risk to themselves, and to those in society who are at risk. Some people are unable to get vaccinated due to medical reasons, and they rely on herd immunity to help protect them. The more people choose to forego vaccines, the more cases of illness we see in the general population, which are completely preventable.

If this bill passes, parents will have to show a certificate as proof that their child was vaccinated in order to enter school. This certificate will have to state that they have received both doses. If children are unvaccinated, they will not be permitted to go to school. They also might be subjected to these large fines.

Although there was some concerns cites by some that vaccines cause autism, these claims have been debunked by scientists. It is generally accepted by the medical community that vaccinating your kids is a safe and necessary thing to do.

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