George And Charlotte Steal The Show On The Buckingham Palace Balcony

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The little royals are at it again. After stealing the show at their uncle Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle, Princess Charlotte and Prince George are doing it again. At this weekend's Trooping of the Colour, which honors the birthday of their great-grandmother, the Queen, the little royals were front and center. Both of them are old pros at this point; each attending several ceremonies in the past. Their younger brother, Prince Louis, did not attend, as he is still quite young, but joining them was their older cousin Savannah Phillips.

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Anyone who watched the royal wedding knows how Princess Charlotte can command a crowd. She obviously loves the attention, waving enthusiastically from the balcony. Prince George looks very excited to see the Royal Air Force planes fly overhead. At one point, Savannah Phillips covers his mouth. She also shushes him with her finger to her lips, clearly relishing being the oldest. He was likely screaming over enthusiastically to the National Anthem, and since they were standing together, she wanted none of it. It didn't seem to stop him, he was still all smiles. Charlotte doesn't seem phased by her brother's shenanigans, keeping her attention on the crowds.

It seems that blue is the color of choice for the ceremony this year; their mom, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Queen herself all wore shades of blue. Princess Charlotte wore a blue dress, and Prince George is back in his signature shorts after wearing long pants to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They both look like dolls.

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Even though they totally know what they're doing on the balcony, life happens. While enjoying the festivities, Princess Charlotte slipped and hit her face and momma Kate handles it quickly and graceless. She quickly scoops up the little girl and gives her a cuddle while they watch for bit, Charlotte peering out from her mother's arms.

It is clear that is Princess Charlotte and Prince George are around, you better watch out. They will steal your thunder, even if you are the Queen. Of course, they don't mean to, their cuteness just knows no bounds.

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