This Picture Of Geoffrey The Giraffe Waving Goodbye Makes Us Sad For Our Inner Kid

toys r us giraffe

You guys, it really is the end of an era! On Saturday, June 30, the last of the remaining Toys-R-Us stores closed their doors. Since the company announced they were going out of business, fans of the store have dreaded this day. It just seems wrong for our kids to grow up in a world without Goeffrey the Giraffe and all the wonder and amusement that store brought us when we were kids!

You can probably remember wandering the aisles with your parents, marveling at more toys and gadgets than you could possible ever play with. Or the holiday catalog! When that big thick catalog came in the mail, we'd hunker down with a marker and painstakingly make our way through page after page, circling all the stuff we wanted for Christmas. It was a holiday ritual! Now, all of that has come to an end. And it's so sad. But it didn't really sink in until the saddest picture EVER surfaced during the close-outs last week.

Posted by Rene Johnpiere on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Honestly, doesn't that just break your heart? Geoffrey has been there for us for years, playing a major part in a our childhoods. At least he looks like he's ready for retirement in a nice, tropical place. You deserve it, Geoffrey!

People have been sharing their reactions to the final stores closing their doors for good, and it definitely seems like we're all feeling the feels about this.

We don't wanna grow up! We want to stay Toys-R-Us kids forever!

That's the thing: you didn't even have to guy anything when you were there! Just being in the store and playing with the toys felt like you walked away a winner.

We're not crying, you're crying! Toys-R-Us posted a very sweet farewell message on their website, too.

toys r us
Image: Toys R Us

Even during this difficult time, they're thinking of the kids, and encouraging them to keep dreaming, keep playing, and keep being kids. We don't know about you, but this definitely feels like the last little bit of our childhood slipping away. Thanks for the years of memories, Geoffrey, and for making our childhoods so great. You will definitely be missed.

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