10 Things To Know About A Gentle C-Section

Birth is not exactly a one size fits all type of thing. Every woman is different, therefore many of us have drastically different experiences when they are giving birth. Women can choose to give birth naturally, or they can choose to have a cesarean section performed. Both methods are real births, which is an important thing to remember.

What some moms might not realize, though, is that there are two different kinds of c-sections, and one of them is something some call a gentle c-section. Unlike a tradition c-section, the focus of a gentle c-section is on going slowly, focusing on connection with the mother, and keeping things as close to a natural birth as possible. The mother is still under anesthesia from the ribcage down, and an incision is made to remove the baby, but there are some other crucial differences between the procedures, as well as a few other things you should know.

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10 It Is Still Surgery

Although this may feel a little less like surgery and a little more like a vaginal birth, women planning their birth shouldn't downplay the fact that it is still very much a surgical procedure, that involves the same kind of incision as a traditional c-section. Another thing that stays the same is the recovery process.

Women who have either of these c-sections must follow certain rules afterwards in order to ensure that they heal properly. It takes six weeks for women to recover from either type of c-section.

9 It Is More Similar To Natural Birth

The thing some women do not like about a traditional c-section is that they often do not feel much like a birth. In fact, when women have standard c-sections done, many of them do not even get to see their baby right away, which honestly just makes the whole thing seem more clinical, and much less like the joyful birthing experience it should be. But those who have had gentle c-sections believe that this procedure is much better since it is more like natural birth in many ways. Gentle c-sections give the mother a chance to be more involved in the birth than regular ones do, and makes a gentle c-section a great way to have the surgical birth that a mom might need, without missing out on some of the best bits of a vaginal birth.

8 The Number Of People Doing It Is Growing

Natural birth can be much more satisfying for moms than standard c-sections are, and that’s why gentle c-sections are a thing. It sounds as though there are few negative elements of having a gentle c-section, which is probably why more women are choosing to have them done. Gentle c-sections are changing the game as far as birth goes.

That's right, even though this procedure is relatively new, there are a lot of parents who are already opting to see what all the fuss is about. We have to admit, c-sections can be pretty rough, so it's easy to see why moms are choosing to go this route with it.

7 Moms Can Get Skin-To-Skin Contact Quickly Afterwards

When a mother has a regular c-section done, she usually does not get to see her child for a little while, as it is taken straight to the doctors. But this is actually one of the key differences between having a standard c-section and a gentle c-section.

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Moms who have gentle c-sections done actually get the benefit of being able to see their baby almost as soon as they are born - just like in a natural birth. They can hold their babies within minutes after birth, including that vital skin-to-skin contact. Skin-to-skin contact has a lot of benefits for both the mother and the baby. One of the benefits is that it kickstarts the bonding process.

6 The Baby Can Nurse Almost Immediately

When moms don't get to hold their little ones right after they are born, that can have an impact on a lot of things. This means newborn babies have to wait a bit before they get to start nursing, instead of doing it right away like they would after a natural birth.

But one of the many benefits of having a gentle c-section is that the mother and baby get to see each other pretty much right away (give or take a few minutes), which also means that they can get started with the nursing process, and that vital bonding. Also, dads still get to cut the cord in this situation as well, and cutting the cord can be delayed for a few minutes if the parents decide that's what they want to do.

5 It Is Just As Safe As A Standard C-Section

Giving birth is often an incredible experience no matter what method a mother chooses. But, that does not mean that there are no risks to the health of the mother or the unborn baby. Natural birth is usually the safest method to go with, but unfortunately, it is not always possible for every mom, so some of them have to give birth a different way, which is concerning for some women.

One important fact to take note of is that gentle c-sections are just as safe as the standard c-section procedure. Though, both of these procedures come with their risks (they are surgery), which is why some moms try to avoid c-sections.

4 Moms Can Watch Their Baby Be Born

Usually when a woman has a c-section done, there is a curtain that is placed in front of her face so that she cannot see what is going on down there. This is also usually where her partner stands, if they are in the room.

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One of the awesome things about having a gentle c-section is that mothers get to have a choice in whether or not their healthcare providers use a curtain that is a solid color, or one that is clear. The clear curtain is usually preferred by many moms, since they can see their baby being born.

3 It Is Not Something That Is Done In An Emergency

There are a lot of cases during which moms have cesarean sections because they have to, not because they want to. Some of those c-sections can be scheduled, but there are unfortunate events that cause some moms to have to have an emergency c-section right away, so having a gentle c-section is a bit out of the question in that scenario.

Having a gentle c-section seems to require a little bit of planning. But when a baby or mother’s health is in jeopardy, there’s often not much time for that, which makes a gentle c-section impossible. When an emergency c-section is happening, the main concern doctors and nurses have is saving the lives of the mom and her baby. Gentle c-sections usually only happen if mom prefers that idea and wants to have it done instead of a regular one, or if they know in advance a natural birth won't be possible (with known breech babies, for example).

2 It Has A Couple Of Different Names

We've been referring to this procedure as a 'gentle' c-section, but it has a couple of different names. While there are a lot of people who call it a “gentle c-section,” there are also people who call it a “family-centered” c-section.

No matter what it is called, the things that happen during the event are basically the same. This procedure is also known as a “natural c-section”, so expecting moms can use any of these terms when talking with their doctor.

1 Moms Really Seem To Love It

Usually, when a mother learns that she has to have a c-section, the reasons for it are not that great. Some moms dread the actual event itself, aside from the part where they get to see and hold their baby.

But having a gentle c-section seems to make things a bit easier. There are so many benefits moms can get from this type of c-section that they usually do not receive from the standard kind. While natural birth is usually what moms want when they give birth, a lot of the women who have had gentle c-sections loved them.

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