This Mom's Texts After Her Toddler Soiled The Bed Is Such A Mom Moment

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Oh, the joys of toddlers, LOL. If you're lucky, you'll skip right over the unfortunate poop stage that some kids seem to go through. It's not every toddler, mind you. But some of them have a real fixation on poop, and seem to genuinely enjoy playing with it! Then there are those toddlers in the throes of potty training, who don't seem to quite get how it all works yet. We're not sure which of those categories this mom's son belongs in, but regardless of his reasons, she had a very gross (and funny) story to tell about it. The text this mom sent her partner after finding their child in an interesting predicament will gross you out, make you laugh, and probably make you nod your head.

We've been there, mom.

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Just imagine it: you wake up and head to your kid's room, open the door, and you're very likely greeted with a ... smell. Because it's got to smell, right? Maybe it's still dark so you fidget for the light switch, and as soon as your eyes adjust, you realize the horror that awaits you. Poop! As far as the eye can see! We're cracking up just thinking about it (because it didn't happen to us!).

The poor mama greeted her son in the morning, only to find that he'd taken off his diaper at some point in the middle of the night, and just went to town in his bed. We're curious why he felt the need to remove the diaper and use his mattress as his own personal toilet, but understanding toddlers is next to impossible, right? Whatever his reasons, we're sure it was quite the mess! And something this mama will surely laugh about one day. One day far, FAR down the road, obviously.

After the screen shot of the text exchange was posted on Reddit, plenty of parents chimed in with their own potty horror stories. Because let's be honest, if you have a toddler, you have a potty horror story.

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Ooooooh, the day they figure out to escape the sleep sack in a dark day, indeed. Toddlers are the most amazing little beings, but goodness, they are a handful! We hope this mama had some help cleaning up her son's midnight surprise.

Time to duct tape that diaper, parents!

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