10 Fun Games For The Whole Family

Board games are a smart way to get the whole family together for some quality time and fun… and these are 10 must-own suggestions!

Some of the options that are listed out down below help develop cognitive abilities, sensory skills and memory. Others are just plain silly, will result in laughter and can, in truth, be used as an escape from the pressures that can come about from homework, responsibilities and stress. And all of them can provide tons of entertainment for children, teens and parents, too. So if anyone is looking to grow their game collection, these are 10 to consider.

10 Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza


Most matching games are aimed at young kiddos, but Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza takes it all to a whole new level. This social card game is a fast and easy one that everyone will be able to play; everyone has to race against one another, trying to be the first to put down a match between a card and spoken word.

The fast-paced play can get tricky and could get super competitive, but it is intended for ages eight and up, making it a good choice for families with older kids and preteens.

9 Speak Out Kids vs Parents Game


Many people have seen this silly mouthpiece game, and this version was created for kids to go up against their parents! The goal is to guess different phrases and earn cards since the team with the most cards in the end wins. However, the mouthpiece that has to be worn while speaking makes this quite a challenge.

This is one of those crazy and memorable games that anyone will have a blast playing; there is no way NOT to laugh while wearing this while watching others wear it and while watching everyone struggle to figure out what is actually being said.

8 Platinum Family Feud Signature Game


Family Feud is a classic TV game show, and with the board game, families have been able to play at home for years. This platinum edition is a great gift idea, as three or more people who are ages eight and over can play.

Some of the questions include naming the number one way to wake someone up in the morning in a not-so-nice way and the top talent that people wish they had. Everyone will enjoy thinking about answers and battling it out to see who will win the entire thing.

7 HedBanz Game


Another popular game is HedBanz, in which players must ask yes/no questions to figure out what they are (as in… what is written on their headband that they are wearing during all of this). If someone guesses incorrectly, they lose a turn, but if they guess correctly, they get to go again.

Not only is this super fun, but it is an entertaining way for children to develop deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills. Plus, this game packs up neatly, works for two to six players and is aimed at those who are seven and up.

6 Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game


Trivia is always fun, which is why Trivial Pursuit has been such a beloved game for so long. This Family Edition comes with 1,200 questions, which includes some that are aimed at children and some that target adults.

Furthermore, participants can play individually or in teams, which helps out any younger kids who may need some assistance with answering tricky questions. With an array of questions covering tons of topics, this board game will help bring everyone together, amidst busy schedules, as they stop, think, try to win and - most importantly - have some fun.

5 UNO Color & Number Matching Card Game


One of the most iconic games out there is UNO, and this is an additional one that works for the whole family. Two to 10 people can play who are seven years old and over, making this a good option for big groups.

As those who remember this game know, there are numbers and colors to match, as well as action cards such as Draw Two, Reverse and Skip. This version also comes with customizable Wild Cards, adding even more excitement. The point is to get rid of all the cards, and when just one is left, don’t forget to yell, "UNO"!

4 Trouble Game


On a similar note, there is Trouble, with its recognizable Pop-O-Matic die roller; it is pressed to give a number, a player moves that many spaces around the board and everyone works to get all four of their pegs into the finish space.

However, if someone lands on someone else’s peg, that peg has to move all the way back home! It is a pretty simple concept, but it is unpredictable, making it enjoyable for all ages. In fact, the recommended ages are 5 to 15 years old, so this is another smart option for families with young children and teenagers.

3 Beat the Parents


Another trivia game is one called Beat the Parents, and it has a twist: Parents who play have to answer questions about kids-related topics, while children must answer questions on parental topics!

Plus, there are wacky challenges that will be encountered along the way, as players may have to fly a paper airplane, dance or make an animal noise. And since this is for two or more players ages 6 and up, a parent and a kid could play or an entire family could get together during this head-to-head battle full of fun.

2 Double Ditto


Double Ditto is an award-winning game that is easy to play: Just pick a card, read it aloud, and write down two answers to things like "Foods That are Slimy”, "Things Found in a Glovebox" and "Hobbies for Rich People”. The goal is to try to write down an answer that someone else will write down, as well.

So players could be trying to match with family members, friends, co-workers or party guests, since this works for ages 10 and up and for four to 10 players. There is also an expansion pack available, which offers up even more cards for playing!

1 Classic 100 Games


Last but not least on this list of board games that the entire family will enjoy is a set of 100 different games… Yes, within this box are five double-sided playing boards that allow people to participate in favorites together, as well as discover new ones together. The fun is neverending with a gift like this - a gift that would be great for kids and adults, as it truly offers something for everyone.

They say that variety is the spice of life, and this will certainly be the gift that keeps on giving, with all of the numerous game options it provides.

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