Elmo Ends 'Game Of Thrones' In Cutest 'Sesame Street' Crossover

Game of Thrones Sesame Street Spoof

Last Sunday, the final season of Game of Thrones premiered on HBO, and people just about lost their minds. Listen, we get it. It's a fantastic show! And we've waited SO LONG for the 8th and final season to premiere. We were all chomping at the bit to get this next season underway, and see who would end up sitting on the throne when all is said and done. Honestly, we just want to see who dies next, because you know half the characters left on the show aren't going to make it until the end! It's a show filled with death and violence and treachery and backstabbing. Plus dragons, which are always a plus.

But as much as we love GOT, it's not the kind of show we can share with our kids. There's so much inappropriate content it's actually alarming. However, that doesn't mean our kiddos' favorite characters aren't also fans of the show. Or rather, that doesn't mean they don't have some ideas on how to turn things around in Westeros. Leave it to our lovable fuzzy friend Elmo to be able to broker peace between Lannister siblings Cersei and Tyrion.

It seems like a lot of the problems in Westeros stem from a lack of respect! That leads to squabbling, which leads to fighting, then murder, then annihilation and all-out war. You know how these things snowball! But Elmo has some ideas on how to put some love and understanding back in the Lannister family.

He sits down the Cersei and Tyrion as part of Sesame Workshop's Respect Brings Us Together Campaign, to show just how far respect can go - even when you're hellbent on murdering your family and seizing power.

The video is super cute, and while we don't know how effective Elmo would actually be in Westeros (Cersei does not seem at all amenable to not being an absolutely evil human being), we certainly agree with the overall message!

At any rate, we hope Elmo got out of there before he became dragon food, or went head-to-head with the likes of Cersei. Something tells us a hug wouldn't keep our red friend alive up against her.

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