'Game of Thrones' Gender Reveals Are A Thing

Gender reveals are becoming increasingly popular as a way for excited parents to tell friends and family if they're having a boy or a girl. From standard pink or blue cakes to lasagna and nail art, parents are going above and beyond to make gender reveals as perfect as possible. If you're a Game of Thrones fan and an expectant mama, then you might want to take note - Game of Thrones gender reveals have landed and they're incredible.

Dragon eggs are available to purchase on Amazon for a mere $45. When they're at room temperature, the gorgeously scaley spheres are plain black, but when they're heated up to body temperature they turn blue or pink. With season 8 of the coveted series currently airing, there's no better time to pay homage to the Seven Kingdoms.

game of thrones gender reveal
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One Instagram user took to the social media platform to share his exciting baby news with the world, showing one of the eggs in all of its glory. Surrounded by flickering candles and set to the GoT theme song, the beautiful egg slowly turns from ebony to a shimmering blue hue. It's a reveal fit for a Khaleesi.

The eggs may be an ideal accessory for Game of Thrones parents-to-be, but fans of the series have been using it as inspiration for gender reveals for quite some time. YouTuber Andrew Witte put together an epic video featuring his children in a Westeros-like setting. After a battle scene complete with fake swords and arrows unearths blue paint, one of the daughters puts her fist in the air and yells "Boy!" with the kind of grit Arya Stark would admire.

It's a sad time for Game of Thrones fans as the series comes to a close. With just a handful of episodes left before Jon Snow and Daenerys become part of TV history, the show will be greatly missed. George R. R. Martin's brainchild might not be long for this world, but fans can look forward to a prequel series starring Naomi Watts in a leading role. The as-yet-untitled series is due to start production sometime this year.

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