This Company Will Help You Name Your Baby For $100

Choosing a name for your baby is hard. It's probably one of the hardest jobs a parent will have to do because there's so much stress to find that perfect name for your little one. Many parents will feel pressure from friends and family members to use a "family" name, while others will have a hard time agreeing on a choice between both parents. Some will want to see their baby first, while others will change their mind at the last minute. For those who are having so much trouble they simply can't decide on the perfect name for their baby, there's now a company for hire that will help choose the perfect moniker.

Future Perfect is a baby naming website started by two women, Macaire Douglas, and Cara Sullivan who, they told PEOPLE Magazine, bonded when they realized they both had children with unique names; sons Eyan and Jude for Douglas and daughters Reeve and Vaughn for Sullivan. The women decided there was a market for helping people come up with the perfect baby name, and Future Perfect was born.

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“There are tons of sites where you can browse through hundreds of baby names, but there aren’t really any services that streamline the naming process,” Sullivan explained to PEOPLE. “We make it low-stress but also keep it super, super personal. It’s really [about] finding a name that aligns with you, your partner, your shared history and your separate histories.”

The two women help with giving your child the perfect name, whether you want something fun and unique or classic and familiar. “We want to give you a bunch of options so you still feel like you’re naming your child,” Sullivan said. “We respect that everybody likes different things. The point is not to give our favorite names, it’s about giving them the name they never knew they really wanted.”

The company offers four different packages for expectant parents to choose from. The Riff provides name searchers with a 15-minute 'namestorming' session tailored specifically to them. The parents first fill out a questionnaire to give Douglas and Sullivan some ideas of where to start and to learn the names already on the shortlist. This service will cost you $100.

The Standard will run you $225 but you will get more help in choosing the perfect name. Within 3 days of booking expectant parents will receive a questionnaire to fill out and a 15-minute call with a consultant. Within one week they will receive a short list of 10 perfect names, and when the baby is born an exclusive gift personalized with baby's name.

You can get everything listed above plus a list of 10 middle names and a 15 minute follow up call in case you have any questions, with The Works, a package will run you $350. For those expecting multiples, The Multiple is also available. You can select a Standard package or a Works package for multiples that provide the parents with five names for each child as well as the benefits listed in each package above.

Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to baby names, so why not hire someone who will give their unbiased and neutral opinion to help make sure you select a name that you love? Not only is it a great service for parents who want some baby naming help, but it could also be a great baby shower gift as well.

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