The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week

Parenthood is one of the most amazing, rewarding journeys you can take. Just think about it - you made a tiny human being and are responsible for molding them into kind, functioning people! That's ... wild. It's hilarious and scary and infuriating and stressful, often all at once. When you become a parent, you are granted admission into a very exclusive club of moms and dads trying to get this whole thing right. Which is great, because parenting can feel very isolating at times. It really helps to know that we're not alone, and someone somewhere has had or is having the same experiences. It's also comforting to know that no matter how wild/weird/hard your day was, there's someone out there who can relate.

That's why we love reading funny tweets from parents - they make us laugh, bring some much needed levity to a hard day, and help us feel a little less alone in this whole parenting thing. These are some of the funniest tweets from parents in recent weeks, and we're pretty sure you'll relate to every single one.

Seriously. Just go to sleep! We need a little adult time to unwind, and that might include some definitely NSFK (not safe for kids) TV shows. If we're lucky, we get a solid 15 minutes of watching in before we fall asleep on the couch. That's why it takes 3 days to watch one episode of anything.

It's always fun when you get the chance to blow your kid's mind by showing them how we used to make phone calls. The wires alone are completely foreign to them.

What is it about kids and crumbs?! Our kids can somehow leave behind a pile of crumbs while eating grades. It's like they keep them in their pockets to sprinkle everywhere. Sort of like gritty fairy dust that attracts ants.

Their brains work on a completely different level, and kids will occasionally blow your mind with some realization or thought they had.

We have no idea where they got the idea that you can shower without soap or shampoo, but we'll be damned if they don't try to get away with it nearly every time.

It's not a competition, right? Tell that to the preschool mom who hired a bouncy house for the class party for the head pats. Calm down, people.

But it's even worse when they actually learn to tell time. No more lying or trying to trick them into bed earlier, no sirree! They can read a clock now. It's the end of the world as we know it.

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