10 Funniest Potty Training Stories (That Show You Aren't Alone)

While we think of going to the bathroom as something that we just know how to do and probably don't think twice about it, it's true that kids have to be potty trained. We have to learn from somewhere and that means that our parents have to show us the ropes.

Some moms totally dread this moment and others take it on with gusto (and armed with M&Ms, since those are the most universally acknowledged bribes for using the toilet... or, sorry, rewards).

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Many mothers have really hilarious potty training tales to share, and we should hear some of them. Here are 10 funny potty training stories.

10 This Kid Who Said 'It's Not Working'

We assume that our toddler will sit down on the potty and, well, start going. But sometimes it seems that is easier said than done... and maybe they are a bit confused about when exactly that will start happening.

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A dad told this funny potty training tale to Everyday Family and it's too good not to share. He said that his son thought that "it wasn't working." As the father described, his son looked concerned and felt that he wasn't actually going to the bathroom. It's pretty cute and funny to hear this, and the dad continued, "We're happy to report that it's working."

9 Such A Determined Child

As a mom shared with Parents.com, her daughter had an adorable way of wiping when she was three years old and learning the whole potty training thing.

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The mom said that her daughter was attempting to wipe with a massive amount of toilet paper, which would be adorable enough. But the story gets better from there: when her mom inquired if she could help, the little girl said, "No thanks, I got it, Mommy!"

She totally had it, and even though it wasn't super fast, she was successful. This is such a great story and we can't stop ourselves from smiling about her determination.

8 Candy Fan

It's pretty typical for parents to give kids candy in order to use the bathroom. It sometimes appears to be the only way to make this whole thing happen smoothly (or as smoothly as possible).

We want a funny potty training story that involves candy, and this is the best one. Let's smile at this hilarious potty training tale that was on Cafe Mom: a mom gave her three-year-old daughter candy (four gummy bears when she went "number two" and two for "number one). She said, "It worked for a while ... until she started going to the bathroom, flushing, and claiming she'd 'pooped' around six times a day!"

7 Don't We All Read Car Mags On The Potty?

It's not uncommon for us to grab a book or magazine and head into the bathroom when we're dealing with some stomach trouble. It may not be something that we necessarily talk about all the time but, hey, we all do this.

According to Someecards, dad Christopher Straub's son had some interesting reading material. Christopher tweeted, "Told him to get a book and sit on the potty. He grabbed a Dutch luxury car magazine." We love hearing this story so much, and it definitely adds some humor to the whole potty training thing which can be difficult for many parents.

6 The Princess Of Poop

A mom told her funny story to Parents.com and it's particularly great. She said that her twin daughters, who were four at the time, would literally "compete" about the size of their poop. She said that her daughter, Maggie, was sharing her huge poop with her sister, Madison. (Boy moms are relieved that girls talk about poop too, right?!) Madison told Maggie that day, "I told you, Maggie, I'm a princess, cause my poop looks like a castle!'"

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This is such a funny potty training story... and definitely makes any mom who hasn't started this journey yet look forward to some cute and funny moments. It doesn't get much better than your kid calling their poop "a castle."

5 On The Floor (Yes, There)

Is a mom's worst nightmare seeing her kid pee on the floor? Probably. Well, maybe not because there are definitely worse things that could happen... but it's not really something that anyone wants to have happen.

This funny potty training story comes from Baby Center: a mom shared in the forum that she asked her son, Jack, if he had gone number one "on my floor." She inquired about this a second time and his answer was "right there."

To all the moms out there who haven't started potty training their toddlers yet: don't worry, this might not happen to you... but if it does, you'll get a funny story, right?

4 An Oops Underwear Moment

We grown-ups take for granted that we know that we flush toilet paper down the toilet (and, of course, all the stuff in the toilet) but that's it. We would never think to put our underwear in the toilet bowl and pull the flushing lever.

But we're not toddlers, and cute toddlers do funny things (that are maybe not so cute).

Cafe Mom has this funny potty training tale: "He flushed his underwear down the toilet ... and clogged the drain!" We can totally see how a kid would be a bit confused about what exactly gets flushed. They're still learning, right?!

3 No More Toys

A mom told her funny potty training story on the forum Sahm.in and said that she had quite the time potty training one of her children. She struck a deal with him that she figured was a good idea (and any mom would totally do the same thing): he could get toys in exchange for going on the toilet all week long. She said, "He thought about it for half a second, looked me in the eye and said 'I have enough toys, why would I want more' and walked off. I was pretty speechless after that."

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A kid turning down toys?! We haven't ever heard of this before... We wonder if this kid would have been okay with getting chocolate or candy for using the toilet?!

2 Potted Plant Or Potty?

"Potted plant" sounds a lot like "potty"... although it might not be something that we have ever really thought about before.

Well, as one mom learned, these two words have a lot in common and this plant was actually a big part of her little one's potty training journey. According to Care.com, one mom's daughter used a "potted plant" as a potty: "At any rate, there it landed -- only to be discovered a couple days later."

1 Budding Sports Fan

We mentioned above that many of us bring books and magazines in the bathroom and, as one mom says, sometimes you just have to bring in the sports section of the newspaper.

One mom told Care.com that her daughter was learning to use the potty and grabbed the sports section of the newspaper: she said, "The fact that she couldn't read and wasn't really trained yet made it even funnier."

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