Funniest Tweets From Parents About How Their Summer Break Is Going

Listen, we have to talk about summer break, guys. It's awesome, don't get us wrong. But like ... is anyone else over it? It makes no sense, we know that! We wait for summer for months, counting down the days until school is out and we can stop waking up at the crack of dawn and making lunches and helping with homework. We long for the days of easy schedules, lazy afternoons, and lots of fun with friends. But then summer gets here, and we remember just how NOT relaxing it can be when you have kids. They want to do stuff! Literally all the time! They're always here, asking for snacks and telling us they're bored. We relished the first few weeks of summer, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't already scouting deals for back to school. At least, judging from these funny parenting tweets about summer break, we know we aren't alone.

It'd be great if someone could invent some kind of wrap that we could apply to our kids at the start of summer that would keep them protected for the next few months. Like a car wrap or Saran Wrap, but for children. Just sayin'.

It never takes long for the hammer to come down during the summer. Something about the heat and constant nagging from our kids make for some VERY short fuses.

At this point, we're pretty sure the only thing that would actually impress our kids and make them give us cool points is a trip to the moon.

They're ... goggles? They all work THE EXACT SAME WAY. You can't even see what color goggles you're wearing when you actually have them on. So why, oh why, is it a constant battle? Just get rid of them, these kids can toughen up their eyeballs in the chlorine like we did when we were kids.

A chair, or a book. From the moment you get to the beach, you are going to be working harder than you've ever worked at anything in your entire life. There will be no relaxing. No cute beach selfies. Go with another friend and take turns, it's the only way.

At this point we're ready to just dump all the snacks on the floor and let them go at it, Gladiator-style. Last kid standing wins.

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