Funniest Parenting Tweets On Marriage Will Have You Saying 'Same'

If you're married with kids, then you know - there are two different types of marriage. There's marriage before you had children, which was nice and exciting and relaxing. And then there's marriage after kids, where it's a fight for survival and supremacy, you're both too tired to do anything, and everything in your house is sticky or covered in sand. We're not going to pick one over another, they're both great in their own ways.

Having kids is great! Being a parent is great!

You and your partner are on this amazing journey together, creating life and raising kids and being awesome! But like ... why is everything always sticky, you guys. Here are some of the funniest tweets about marriage from parents, we're sure you'll relate to them more than you want to admit.

Snacks are put into three categories: Kid Snacks, Family Snacks, and Kid Snacks That Only Mom Can Eat. We didn't make the rules, fellas, sorry.

We're not saying the kids get their bad influences from anyone in the family, but ... it does feel very THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE sometimes, right? This is probably why our kids think farting is so funny - nothing makes our husband laugh harder than an ill-timed toot.

Nothing tests a marriage like packing the entire family and half your belongings into the car for a road trip. You better hope you are on solid ground, or at the very least, have the number of a good divorce lawyer in your phone.

No one is allowed to call your kid an asshole, except the two people who made them! That is also one of the rules.

A bigger car isn't enough. Family cars need to come with a sliding partition or window that separates mom and dad from whatever insanity is happening in the backseat. Bigger cars still aren't soundproof.

Well, someone clearly taught that little girl how things work around that house. Mom is the one you ask, no matter what the question is.

Siiiiiiigh. We truly hear what we want to hear, you know? Her husband probably couldn't hear her asking him a question from three feet away, but say something that sounds like a dirty word on the other side of the house? Husband=activated.

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