These Are The Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week

Well, we had our first full week of March. How's everyone feeling? Did you make it through OK? January lasted for approximately 192847 years, and with Valentine's Day and President's Day in February, it felt like a whirlwind that wouldn't slow down. Now it's March, and we can start to relax. Hopefully spring decides to make an appearance soon, because we literally cannot take another snow day. Spring breaks are coming up, so that's always fun/stressful! Even with the upcoming time change, we've got high hopes for March. But we're parents, so we know that's probably wishful thinking.

Let's check in to see how other parents fared with some of the funniest parenting tweets of the week!

We get that, buddy. Pooping at home is always so much more comfortable. You've got your own books, your toys, your seat. Home pooping is hard to beat.

When are piles of clothes going to become the next big decorating thing? We definitely think it can happen. Like laundry deconstructed. Listen, as much as we'd love to put the clothes away every week, we're working with a limited amount of time. Something's gotta go!

Things start to go downhill really quickly when your kids get old enough to know how to spell, and then figure out how to spell all of the bad words you've been saying in code.

What is it about kids and snacks? Our kids could eat themselves sick at dinner, and within 10 minutes of rolling away from the table, they will ask for a snack. It's like snacks are required for them to live. Snacks will be the end of us all.

They're never where you need them to be when you actually need them. Also, kids are masters of removing their shoes and can do it in 0.1 seconds flat. But god forbid you ask them to put their shoes on. Suddenly it's the hardest thing in the world.

Time has no meaning to kids, so why do they care if it's today or tomorrow? They barely acknowledge sunrise when they wake up in the morning. So rude.

You know the saying, you can't win 'em all? Well, when you have kids, you can't win ANY. So don't even bother trying.

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