Funniest Parenting Memes We've Seen On Instagram This Week

This parenting thing is no joke, guys. From the moment you bring them home, it's a series of unexpected and oftentimes unpleasant surprises! You think reading all those parenting books prepared you for being a parent? HAHAHAHA, no. Absolutely not. How can you prepare yourself for the most unpredictable job in the world? We may not be able to get ourselves ready for parenting, but we'll be damned if we can't have a little laugh at our own expense along the way. Any day you make it through and don't question all of your life choices is a good day. For all the other days, we have memes.

We hope these parenting memes give you some much-needed levity this week!

It never fails that this happens and we're left wondering why the only photos of us look like crap. We have a theory that it's because we moms are always the ones behind the camera. The only time we're not is when they're candid shots where we've finally crashed due to exhaustion... or finally getting a bite to eat. Try us again in a few years.

Realness happening here. Legit get angry when there are two boxes of the same cereal open. It goes with the truth that kids have zero ability to search for things, look under items, or believe something is there if it's not immediately in their hands.

We just can't help it. After spending every hour of every day with small humans who can say a total of 17 words and who don't ever day those words intelligibly, when we see another grown-up we lose it. We're starved for stimulating conversation, even if it's with the cashier at Target.

The family vacation is a farce. Because it's only a vacation for certain members of the family! For moms, it's the same old, same old, just far from home without any of your creature comforts, with kids who've had too much sugar and stimulation and not enough sleep. Miss us with that, thanks.

Oh. We're not ... we're not supposed to say that out loud? Well, we've been doing this ALL WRONG. But it's fine, because we spend our days with small people who apparently don't understand any of the spoken words that come out of our mouths unless those words are "iPad" or "ice cream".

Take us back to those days, please! Sure, pregnancy and childbirth is hard. But pregnancy and childbirth don't talk back or dump an entire carton of Goldfish onto the floor or try to flush their toys down the toilet so the animals that live in the sewer can play with them.

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LOL so accurate 😂

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This is so accurate, LOL. We want the space right next to the cart return, so we can buckle our kids into the cart before getting into the store, and so we don't have to unleash them until we can IMMEDIATELY buckle them directly into their car seats. Do not, under any circumstances, let your kids roam freely in or around a store. That's just asking for trouble.

Just say no to painting. And Play Doh. And slime. Say no to anything that has to do with beads and/or that kinectic sand nonsense. Clay? Nope. Beans in a box? Are you out of your mind? Pretty much say no to everything. Give your kids a plain cardboard box, a single crayon, and make them play on the bathroom or outside. It's the only way.

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