Funko Releases 'Golden Girls' Cereal, And Life Is Now Perfect

golden girls cereal

Listen, we challenge you to find a better TV show from back in the day than The Golden Girls. It's one of those rare shows that really holds up over the years, and is just as funny and provocative today as it was when it premiered back in 1985. We have spent many hours following along with Sofia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose. They made us laugh, made us cry, made us think, and have spawned some of the most memeable sayings in TV history.

The fab foursome is always in style, but they seem to be enjoying quite the comeback lately. There is so much GG merchandise out there right now, from t-shirts to food. The latest item is brought to us by the awesome folks over at Funko, the company that makes those adorable Funko Pop vinyl figurines. They have a whole Golden Girls collection, and have added a breakfast cereal to the mix. Now we can live our best retirement life from morning to night.

golden girls cereal
Image: Toy Wiz

We are totally serious: you can actually buy Golden Girls cereal! The breakfast cereal is exclusive to Target, but it can be really hard to track down. It's also being sold on Toy Wiz, but their website says it's currently sold out. Funko has a few different breakfast cereals, like Elvira, Beetlejuice, and Pennywise (can anyone say Halloween breakfast?!), and the boxes retail for between $30-45. The bright blue Golden Girls cereal is supposed to hit Target stores this month, so if you're on the hunt, check the cereal AND toy aisles.

Every box of Golden Girls cereal comes with a collector's toy inside, which really just makes us want it even more. If you're not too keen on spending at least $120 on cereal in the hopes of collecting all four Golden Girls, not to worry! You can get a full set of full-sized Funko Pop vinyls at Walmart for just $37.95!

golden girls cereal
Image: Walmart

Here's what we would do: order the full set, and still try to find a box of the Golden Girls cereal, just because it's amazing and everyone needs a box of cereal with Dorothy's scowling face on it.

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