10 Fun Ideas For Baby Shower Invitations

Normally, when someone is expecting a baby, at least one shower will be thrown, in order to celebrate a growing family and allow loved ones to gift this baby with everything it is going to want and need.

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These showers can be thrown anywhere. They can involve games and food or not. They can be huge or intimate. The details are up to the hostess(es), but one thing is for sure: an invitation will have to be sent out, inviting everyone to come.

Those looking for 10 fun and unique ideas for baby shower invites… Look no further.

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10 Baby Carriages

A super cool way to send out an invite is by using a miniature baby carriage! Sure, a normal piece of paper could be used, with the details typed up on it, but this is so much better.

The little note with the details about the actual event could be inside this carriage or on the bottom of it, and the person in charge of delivering all of these could buy small carriages (like ones made for, say, Barbie) or could make their own out of paper. Either way, people will definitely remember and appreciate an invitation like this one.

9 Carousel

For another pop, an invite could be 3D. Just think about walking through the card section… There are hardly any cards that just open up in an average way; instead, cards have 3D objects on the front of them, pop up inside, make music when opened…


They are all so interactive, so keep this in mind when thinking of how to lure people into an awesome baby shower! It doesn't have to be a carousel that pops up either, like the one pictured right here. It can go with whatever theme. We just think this one is too great.

8 Onesies

Perhaps a hostess doesn’t want to buy little individual baby carriages or create a three-dimensional masterpiece. But this invite still needs to be original! After all, we live in a tech-driven world, so everyone will need and want to share this on social media, right? So maybe a onesie could work.

This is still like the traditional paper invite, with the necessary party details written out on it. This one is in the shape of a onesie, though, which could be in any color, could have a flower or an animal on the front or could have words written out on the front, such as “You’re invited”!

7 Shell Yeah

Many people are not into the idea of baby showers, because they think they are too old-fashioned or cutesie. However, this is a great time for everyone to celebrate this family and provide some much-needed items. Therefore, remember that there are no rules.

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If someone wants a shower that is actually a diaper party during a backyard barbecue, then do it. If someone wants an invitation that alludes to a not-so-nice word, then do that, too! It doesn't have to look a certain way or say something specific or be what anyone else imagines; it just needs to bring people together to honor this baby.

6 Pacifiers

Another invitation that will stand out from the rest is one with a pacifier on it. Now, this could be a real paci that is adhered to the invite. This could be a laser-cut paper one that sticks out of the invite.

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Or this could even be something else interactive; for instance, when people pull up on this paper pacifier, it could reveal the party details, like one of those children’s books where different tabs pull out things and show off other things. Just get creative, and make one that people will keep for years to come!

5 Shoes

We really like the idea of taking an object associated with babies and turning that into an invite - like these shoes. Once again, these could be real shoes, or, for a more affordable option, they could be crafted out of sturdy paper.

In fact, hostesses and friends and the mommy- and/or daddy-to-be could even get together beforehand for a craft party - which would result in unique items like these and would give everyone yet another excuse to party together! Each shoe could be decorated the same (like the ones with the pink shoes pictured here) or could be individualized, as well.

4 Silhouette

There are ways to make a one-of-a-kind invitation without having to buy tons of materials or be as crafty as Martha Stewart. In fact, there are tons of shops that specialize in creating fun paper products like this one.

It has those go-to details, which tell people the who, what, when, where, why and how. But it also has a silhouette of an expecting mother. And she is crafted out of a yellow polka dot material, which really pops against that background. So mix and match fun colors and prints to go for something as adorable as this.

3 Baby Blocks

Something else that comes to mind when thinking of kiddos are blocks, which everyone has played with and which comes in a handy shape… Yes, a cube could be created and could serve as one super neat baby shower invitation!

It could open up to reveal more inside (like where to buy gifts or even a favor such as candy), or it could just be the box, with all of the details written out on all the sides of it. This is another idea that could let creativity run wild, as different images and graphics could be printed on sides, too.

2 Diapers

Of course, babies need diapers, so encourage people to buy and bring some with an invite that is in the shape of one! The shops that we mentioned up above could help make something like this (like Etsy). A handy relative may be able to sew something like this. And, hey, a real diaper could even be used!

An invite just needs to direct people where to go, why, what to bring and when, and if that is done is an original way, people will be pleased and will want to give something back that is as special as this.

1 Balloons

This final idea made the list for a couple of reasons… First off, this doesn’t look that hard to recreate. Secondly, it could work for either gender. It also is so cute, with its balloon shape, which could stand alone or which could lead to an entire baby shower filled with balloons and/or bubble gum and/or bubbles!

And, most importantly, it comes with a party favor, which people love; not only do recipients get party details, but they also get lip gloss, and these round lip gloss containers make the balloons on this invite!

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