10 Fun Fall Ideas For Families

As the air gets crisper and the leaves change colors, families start looking for new seasonal activities. Many are counting down the days until Halloween (or maybe even Thanksgiving and possibly even Christmas!), while others are looking to enjoy all things pumpkin.

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The following list has 10 unique ideas that can provide Fall fun for all families; from decorating appropriately for this time of the year and taking in the great outdoors to throwing parties and having spooky movie marathons, there is truly something for everyone. And feel free to partake in every single one of these ideas.

9 Put Up Seasonal Decorations

Decorating for Fall and Halloween is common in many households, and this can make for some great family bonding. On a cool weekend morning, gather up the energy to get all of those boxes out of storage, or head out on a shopping trip for new items.

Then, everyone can pitch in to add in autumnal touches (such as pumpkins, leaves and cute scarecrows) or scary ones (like classic monsters, candy corn replicas, and skeletons). The updated ambiance will help everyone get in the spirit of the season, for sure.

8 Organize A Weenie Roast

With the cooler temperatures approaching, many families and groups take time to start up a campfire, and one is not complete without a weenie roast.

First off, this makes for an easy meal, since each family member can roast their own weenie over the fire, and the buns, toppings, and condiments can be set out for all to use.

This is also a neat way to gather everyone together, so that the night sky, some classic foods, and the warm fire can be enjoyed. Feel free to also stay up late exchanging scary stories, which is another bonfire essential.

Make A Pumpkin-Spice Latte

For lots of people out there, Fall equals pumpkin-spice season, which means regular trips to the coffee shop for a pumpkin-spice latte. An additional way for family members to spend quality time together is to recreate this recipe at home.

Of course, not everyone is a coffee drinker, especially and hopefully the little kids of the house, so any pumpkin-based recipe will do. But perfecting a DIY PSL is a huge accomplishment, and it is one that will lead to saved money and gas, as it cuts out the middleman.

7 Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Speaking of pumpkins … A family outing to a pumpkin patch is a must during this time of the year. Research which businesses, farms and/or organizations are setting one up, dress everyone in fun Fall fashion, and get ready for an adventure.

Kids of all ages (okay… and the adults as well) will enjoy browsing through the different types and choosing the perfect one, while parents will get some adorable photos in this perfect setting. Many patches also have activities set up, such as games and food, so this could make for a whole morning or afternoon of entertainment.

6 Paint Pumpkins

Another way to have some fun with pumpkins is to have a craft day. Everyone talks about carving jack-o-lanterns in the fall, but it can take a lot of work, it can be dangerous, and they seem to start getting sad and squishy before Halloween even arrives.

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Therefore, families can get fake or real pumpkins and let kids paint them. Glitter and stickers may be added. Googly eyes could be attached to make funny faces. One color theme could be used by all, or everyone could create their own colorful masterpieces. And if fake pumpkins are used, these can be used as decorations year after year.

5 Throw A Halloween Party

Since Halloween may be on your brain, think about throwing a party. It could be one just for the kids and their friends, with classic activities such as a costume contest, bobbing for apples and eating a good amount of candy.

It could be one just for the adults and their pals, allowing the children to get together for a movie night and giving the parents some free and fun time. Or it could be a joint event, where people of all ages are eating foods that look like bloody body parts and bats, drinking punch that is smoking out of a cauldron and dancing to the Monster Mash and Thriller.

4 Explore A Corn Maze

Another must-do activity for fall is going through a corn maze. It is the old-school version of an escape room, as visitors try to figure out the correct turns, in order to get out of this field. It is also a place where there may be other Fall fun, such as a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, and seasonal treats.

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This is a spot that can make a great backdrop for photos, too, so make sure everyone is dressed in a cute way and that the phone is charged up for the day. Family members of all ages will surely have a blast going through a one-of-a-kind and larger-than-life maze like this.

3 Watch Halloween Movies

When fall rolls around, TV channels start Halloween movie marathons, and this can provide a good deal of entertainment for families. Whether everyone gets together each evening for the 31 Days Of Halloween or the iconic favorites are pulled out, nothing can beat a movie night.

Some groups may prefer family-friendly options like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown, while others may love a good scare and opt for things like The Exorcist, The Conjuring and It. Either way, this is a wise way to spend a cool and crisp night.

2 Go On A Hiking Trip

Since the days are more pleasant, families can enjoy the great outdoors, too. Of course, getting outside is something everyone should be doing regularly, all year long, but there is something about a hike in autumn.

It is not too hot, yet it is not too cold. A flannel shirt feels great, and it can be tied around the waist if it gets too warm. The whole group will be getting in some physical fitness. And at the end, rewards such as caramel apples, pumpkin bread, apple cider or more Halloween candy can be eaten!

1 Make Your Christmas Lists

Last but not least, a suggestion for this time of the year would be to go ahead and make that holiday wish list! It may sound crazy, but think about it: Once October arrives, it is Halloween then Thanksgiving then December then the New Year … It flies by, truly. So a good way to spend a day would be for everyone to come together and think about what they want, what they need and what they can give to others.

This will allow parents to get a head start on shopping, and it may even bring up some volunteer options that will make for another smart way to spend some time this season.

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