10 Fun Crafts To Make With A Piece Of Paper And Scissors

There are many crafts for children which involve relatively little material – but a lot of imagination. With some paper, colored or ordinary, and scissors, a whole new world can be opened up to little ones.

What’s needed is the guidance of mom, a rug or blanket on the floor from which to work, some fun music and snacks – and then the paper and scissors. In some instances, glue is needed so it is advisable to have this on hand. Also, keep some fiber tip pens with you and your child. Let the fun begin! Here are 10 things to make with your children using paper and scissors.

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10 A paper chain caterpillar

Most children are familiar with making paper chains. This requires cutting paper into strips and then folding these strips into circles. Circles can be added to each other to form a long line of chain links.

To make the caterpillar, use colorful paper and for the head, add two strips of paper (curled using a scissor blade), and draw a mouth and eyes. Paper chains can also be used for party decorations or for decorations for a Christmas tree.

9 Paper weaving

This is a no-fuss craft in which beautiful results can be wielded. All children need is colourful sheets of paper. Cut each piece of paper with strips running alongside the length of the paper, equally spaced.

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Strips should not be cut off completely, but leave an inch of paper at one end so that the strips remain attached. Then weave the strips of one sheet of paper with the strips of another to create a chequered effect.

8 Paper lanterns

Festive occasions can be celebrated in new ways by getting the kids involved. Get out colorful sheets of paper, and through making slits through the paper, at regular intervals, and then folding the paper in a cylindrical shape, festive lanterns can be made.These require relatively little effort, but the results are impressive.

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A 'handle' can also be made for the lantern using a single strip of paper, bent and stapled to the top of the lantern at each end.Hang these up on a string for party decorations, or place on a party table to add something special to the occasion.

7 Paper ballerinas

Most little girls love ballerinas. These beautiful paper ballerinas require relatively little effort but will require some guidance from mom.

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First, make a paper snowflake or doily. This is done folding the paper in half and then in half again, and then cutting designs along two of the sides, while leaving the two folded sides intact. Cut out the body of the ballerina and place the 'snowflake' tutu on her. A ballerina party on the cards? These make for the perfect decorations.

6 Make a crown

There is something about wearing a crown that brings out the best in every girl and boy. A crown bestows instant royalty and value on its wearer. What’s more, it is easy to make. All one needs is gold paper, or yellow paper, or even plain paper, scissors and glue. Cut a strip of paper, measured to be long enough to go around the entire periphery of your child’s head, and cut a zig-zagged edge at one side of the strip’s length.

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Then glue one end of the strip to the other, to make a circular band, to place on the child’s head. Add some bling and razzling, dazzling decorations and there you have it… instant prince or princess!

5 Make a paper peacock

Take some paper and cut out the shape of the peacock's body. Then fold a fan for the tail of the peacock.

Decorate with fiber tip pens or stick-on eyes and detail. This makes a great gift for the little one to give to a loved one and can also be used for playtime. It's a little more difficult than the others so it might require some mommy supervision.

4 Make a paper butterfly

Girls especially love butterflies. They are perfectly symmetrical and making them can teach children about the beauty and ingenuity of symmetry. Fold a piece of colored paper in half and draw the outline of half of the butterfly, using the centerfold as the middle of the butterfly.

Cut alone the line and open the paper out to reveal the full butterfly shape. Shapes can also be cut into the wing of the folded paper so that when the paper is opened up, each wing carries the same design.

3 Make a family tree

Everyone in the family can come together and trace around their hands on a piece of colored paper. Using scissors, the handshapes can be cut out and placed on the drawing of a tree on paper, to create a beautiful family tree, with the hands as leaves.

This can teach the child about family and how each of us is connected into a bigger design and purpose. It is also lots of fun for the whole family! Use different colored sheets of paper for each family member.

2 Make a friendly frog

A dashing green frog is easy to make. Cut paper into a circle and fold this in half (green paper is best). Then cut out four feet and glue to the bigger body design in strategic places. Smaller circles can be cut out and partially glued on the head to make bulging eyes.

A red piece of paper can also be cut out and used as a long tongue for catching imaginary flies. This frog makes for a bright, colorful friend for rainy days and can be adapted according to the child’s imagination.

1 Make a paper doll

With a little help from mom, an impressive paper doll with a full set of clothing and accessories can be made, with just paper and scissors. Crayons can be used to color in the paper and to add to the design and effect of the whole presentation. Firstly, trace the shape of the doll and cut this out.

Clothing then needs to be made to fit the doll and tabs should be added to sleeves and side hems so that these can be folded, allowing the clothes to stay on the doll. With paper dolls, the sky is the limit. They are lots of fun to make and lots of fun to play with.

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