10 Fun Back To School Photo Ideas

The first day of school evokes images of bright yellow school buses, colorful leaves, and new outfits. Kids and parents alike have butterflies in their stomachs, waiting to see how this day goes.

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There's one important element of the first day of school that no mom can overlook, and that's taking some photos. While of course there's nothing wrong with taking a cute posed photo of your children, there are some other cool snapshots that you can take. Here are 10 fun back to school photo ideas.

10 An Apple A Day

They say that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and kids definitely enjoy eating this fruit as a snack. We always think of apples when we think of school since they bring up the image of students giving their teachers apples as a present (or a bribe, perhaps).

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Why not take a cute and fun back to school photo of your kid holding a shiny red apple? It could be an adorable idea and you can take this photo anywhere that you want, from the front hall of your house to your front porch.

9 The Classic First Day/Last Day Photo

Taking a photo of your kid on the first day of school and then one on the very final day is a classic at this point. In the past few years, more and more parents are sharing these types of photos on social media (and even celebrities have gotten in on the idea).

This is an "oldie but a goodie" kind of first day of school photo idea. You can make things a bit more special and unique to your family by asking your kid what they're most excited about and looking forward to that day and that school year. You can write it down somewhere and then bring it out at the end of the school year. It'll be a nice way to reflect and see what dreams and goals came true.

8 Sibling Love

Even though siblings argue and can seem like they're just never going to get along, you know that your kids adore each other. So why not take a photo of the two of them together?

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This is a fun and easy back to school photo idea since you won't have to take individual photos, which your kids will probably appreciate if they're not super into having their photo taken. You can take a few that have some funny and silly expressions, too.

7 In Front Of The Bus

If your child is taking the bus to school this year for the first time, they're likely going to be pretty nervous. They might wonder if they're going to have anyone to sit next to and talk to, and they might be apprehensive about walking onto it alone.

Since school buses are usually a beautiful and classic bright yellow color, they're the perfect object for your first day of school photo op. You can take a fun back to school photo of your child in front of the bus. It won't take very long and they can pose a little bit in front of it and give a big grin while you snap a picture. Of course, you can take a photo with your iPhone quickly and pretend like you're simply wishing them luck for their first day.

6 School Supplies

Grab a mini chalkboard, some pencils, erasers, colored markers, and books, and have your kids pose with school supplies for another fun and easy back to school photo idea.

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Have your kiddos get in on the fun and let them choose their favorite school supplies. They can also wear their brand new back to school outfit that they're really excited to wear and have their new backpack on as well.

5 Breakfast Time

Chances are, your little ones look really cute when they're enjoying breakfast every morning. Whether they love waffles or pancakes (and beg for more syrup...) or they prefer a bowl of cereal or piece of toast with some scrambled eggs, they're happily eating and also chattering away about random topics.

Breakfast time could be the perfect scene for a fun back to school photo. Snap some candids of your family having this morning meal together, and then take some more formal snapshots of your kids at the table. You can start your own family tradition and take one every year, serving the same breakfast each time. You'll have a really nice collection of pictures and can see how much your little one has changed and grown.

4 Give Your Kid The Camera

Why not give your kid the camera and let them take some photos themselves? This will help them create some happy first day of school memories and they can look back and see what they thought was interesting and what they wanted to be able to recall.

Maybe they want to take some pictures on the walk or drive to school, or they want to bring a camera with them to school to take some photos throughout the day. Your kids will enjoy being involved in the process of having some awesome back to school pictures.

3 A Cute Selfie

Your kid can also take a selfie and that can be a fun and different back to school photo.

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Your kid will really like that you're handing over the reigns and giving them the chance to take their very own first day of school snapshot. Whether they want to make a silly face or something more formal or serious? That's totally up to them.

2 At The School

What better location for a first day of school photo than at the school itself? If you drive your little ones to school (or you want to for this special day), you can find a place to park nearby and then get out of the car and find a great background for this fun photo.

Your kids will be so cute, all excited about the upcoming academic year, and they'll be smiling big. Maybe they've been at this elementary school for a while so they have a favorite spot outside or they love a certain tree. Either way, you'll be able to find the perfect place.

1 Don't Forget About After School

It often feels like the whole focus of the first day of school is in the morning. You're rushing around getting everyone prepared for the day ahead, feeing them a special breakfast, and taking a photo outside in their new outfit.

But what about after school? This is another great time for a first day of school photo, and you can definitely have some fun with it. You can take this picture anywhere that you want and then ask your kids what they loved about their first day. You'll have a nice photographic reminder of this day.

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