10 Super Fun And Easy Art Projects To Do With Your Kids

Arts and crafts help children and adults really tap into their creative side. Not to mention it's a great time for kids to get their hands dirty in a constructive and creative way. Studies have shown that when parents and young children take the time to do creative activities together, they can build a really unique bond that can only exist when parents really take the time to do fun, cognitive activities with them. These experiences can create memories that will last a lifetime, not to mention some pretty amazing art to be displayed anywhere mom or dad will allow. But arts and crafts activities do not have to be expensive or incredibly time-consuming as parents can use materials from around the house to give their kids great exposure to the world of art. So, read on for 10 super fun and easy art projects to do with your kids.

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10 Homemade Playdough

Think play dough takes hours to make? Think again! This recipe only requires three ingredients and can be made in mere minutes. For the little sculptors in your house, this craft is a quick fix to cure boredom any day! Makes and Takes kids blog has a recipe for great, natural, homemade playdough: 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1 cup baking soda, and 3/4 cup water. You can add food coloring to make great colors and help your child contort the playdough into interesting shapes and figures. When you let it dry it can be an art form for a while and you can display it for all guests to see.

9 Glitter Counting Sticks

When your kids are learning how to count, it may be difficult to motivate them while they're still trying to get it down. Make teaching and learning a fun tactile activity with this super easy and under-10-minute craft by making glitter glue counting sticks. Just use popsicle sticks, glue, glitter, and your mind. Try to get your little one to sound out the numbers in sequence from one through ten as this will help get things going. Part of the fun is decorating the popsicle sticks and putting them into the right order. Don't be afraid to put a few together and add them up.

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8 Egg Carton Flowers

If your family is interested in creating an art project from recyclables, one of the best things to consider is using egg cartons to make flowers. Cut out four cartons to be shaped like a square. Next paint the inside of each carton where the egg would normally be nestled. Let it dry and attach a pipe cleaner as the stalk. Simple, easy and recyclable. Try to keep the cartons propped up using the pipe cleaner. You will never throw out another egg carton again. The kids can even experiment with the size and shapes of flowers by adding extra cartons and colors.

7 Bubble Painting

This messy fun painting activity is payback for all those times you told the kids not to blow bubbles in their drinks! Using non-toxic ingredients like bio dish soap, washable paint, straws, and a cup get your kids to blow some serious bubbles and then take a sturdy piece of paper and place it over the cups to absorb the bubble design. Your little ones will be thrilled at how unique their bubble paintings have turned out to look. Each bubble pattern will be different. Encourage them to mix and match colors and even layer bubble designs over other parts of the paper for an even more unique look.

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6 Button Tree Painting

If you're looking for a cool way to use those old buttons you may have lying around, consider doing a DIY art project with your child to use them up. Whether you've got buttons from old coats you never repaired, or jeans that are just too worn, consider making them into fruit or leaves of a colorful button painting for the kids. Help them to draw up a tree trunk, maybe even a green bush, then attach the buttons wherever your little ones want the fruit to grow. Consider making exotic trees and use that time to teach your little ones about fruit varieties he or she may not even get at home.

5 Dyed Pasta Necklaces

Every parent remembers making some pasta necklaces and dyed macaroni paintings for their parents when they were younger. Now that you have children of your own, it's time to keep up with the fun and easy craft tradition. Simply take some dried boxed pasta and markers or paint and color the pasta. Then, using thread string the pasta together and make a necklace. This is one of the easiest, wearable crafts for kids around, plus your little ones will be thrilled if mom or dad wears their project out and brags about their talents. Just remember, dried pasta doesn't last forever.

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4 Paper Plate Turtle

Have any leftover paper plates after that last cookout or your child's birthday party? Why not put them to good use and make some fun turtle's out of them! This art project will help your little one learn about dimensions, shapes, colors, and reptiles. Did you know that there are hundreds of varieties of turtles? Some that live above ground and some that live in water. These are the kind of fun facts that will keep your little one interested during craft time. Simply place a paper plate face down and color the back then glue it to a paper or board, then use a round item to create the legs and face.

3 Soda Bottle Flower Paintings

While you may not have a lot of soda bottles laying around, water bottles will work just as well for this fun, creative art project. Creating soda bottle flowers will teach your little one precision and color. To make the coolest flowers, simply paint the bottom of a soda or water bottle grab some paper and stamp. You can use markers or crayons to make the stalks and design the rest of the painting. Practice mixing paint colors to experiment even more with your little one. Be sure to explain which color combinations make what as this will help them learn and really get them involved in the fun.

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2 SeaShell Art

The ingredients are simple: seashells, glue, paper, and sand. If you want to get really fancy, you can use a marker for added color. This is a great wintertime project when the kids start to get nostalgic for the beach, or an end of the year project when they get a bit antsy about summer vacation. All you do is draw the design in glue sprinkles with a bit of sand, place and glue the seashells and voila! Seashell art. Kids will love constructing these all by themselves. For added fun ask the kids to collect a few shells each beach trip and save them, seeing the old shells at craft time will bring back good memories.

1 Cereal Box Race Car

Perhaps one of the most inventive things on this list is this race car made out of a cereal box. Nothing says breakfast quite like getting your engine revved up. Try to get your little one involved in every stage of building the car. From gathering the necessary parts, to actually putting it together. This can allow for a pretty cool experience for parents and kids to think up different ways to engineer their car. You'll need four round things for the wheels, a cereal box, tape, scissors, and straws.

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