The Average Full-Time Working Mom Spends 21 Hours A Week On Housework

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Full-time working moms spend about 21 hours per week on housework, according to a new survey. That comes to about six hours more than men spend. There's a myth out there that women can have it all. The perfect marriage, a successful career, and a couple of kids to boot. So many moms today strive to reach these ideals, but instead, just end up exhausted.

Balancing housework and professional obligations turns out to be too much, but many moms keep doing it anyway.

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According to the American Time Use Survey, which is conducted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average working mom spends a little over 21 hours per week doing housework. This compares with about 15 hours spent by men.

On a daily basis, 50 percent of women did any housework at all, while 80 percent of men did none.

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Women spent about 42 hours on professional work, while men spent about 47. It's worth considering whether it is really unfair that women spend more time on housework when men spend about the same number of hours more time at the office. Women may clean the house six hours more than men, but men put in five more hours at the office.

Then again, men reported spending five more hours on leisure time each week than women. It looks like at the end of the day, they are having more fun.

One hundred years ago, working women spent about 27 hours per week on housework. Economist Valerie Ramey analyzed data from 1900 to form this estimation. The six-hour drop is most likely due to the development of modern conveniences, like automatic dishwashers and high tech vacuum cleaners.

A related study shows that two-thirds of women leaving their jobs to stay home do so because they cannot get all of their housework done. For some women, this could be great, but others would prefer to work. Every family has to do what is right for them.

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