Full-Time Working Moms Handle The Majority Of Parenting Tasks, Just Like SAHMs

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Moms truly do it all. And honestly, anyone who argues with that has never lived a day in the life of a busy mom scrambling to find balance among the chaos of her everyday life. We're the ultimate soothers, boo-boo kissers, chefs, laundry-doers, maids, and so much more. And you can imagine the stress that is added whenever you add any job either inside or outside of the home to the mix. We're exhausted just thinking about it.

The thing is that the saying "moms do it all" really is the honest truth - not just speaking to moms everywhere, but science is backing this, too. Yes, a new study reveals some pretty amazing findings of the workloads that working moms take on, specifically that both full times working moms and SAHMs (stay at home moms) still take on the brunt of all the daily parenting duties.

Who is more likely to have to take off work for a sick child? Mom. Schedule all the doctor's appointments? Mom. Plan meals and grocery shop? Mom again. Make sure everyone has clean sheets, clothes and that the mountain of clean laundry eventually gets folded? That would be a mom, too. Moms are taking on the bulk of both the physical and mental workload of being a parent.

According to the study done by Research Moms, which is a group at Edison Research, more than 500 online interviews were conducted of moms with kids under 21 living at home. They found that 83 percent of moms who stay home are responsible for all or the majority of parenting. Furthermore, a nearly identical 87 percent of full-time working moms are taking on the same.

Some of the main duties they handle that their partners are not participating in include scheduling doctors appointments, buying cards, planning kids birthday parties, and managing the family calendar. But it doesn't stop there, as tasks such as helping the children with homework, filling out school forms for children, managing the grocery shopping, and more - all tasks that aren't being shared with their partner.

And then here's the kicker: 86 percent of moms feel like they need help with these tasks, but they also believe that their co-parent has no idea that they even need doing.

In all seriousness, this research reveals a lot about moms and the amount of support that is really needed to run a household, work and try to be present for your family. There is quite a bit of pressure placed on moms to be able to do it all when really with should be doing it with our partner.

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