Fugglers Are The Ugly Dolls All Our Kids Are Asking For


Have you ever heard someone say the phrase that something is "so ugly that it's cute?" We look at whatever they're referring to and as off as it sounds, it all kind of makes sense. Well a new line of little stuffed dolls has been created for the sole purpose of falling into that category, and instead of running in the opposite direction, kids everywhere are asking for them in the United Kingdom and they are predicted to blow up here in the United States very, very soon.

The ugly little stuffed dolls are called Fugglers, which is said to be short for “Funny Ugly Monster,” - get it? There are 50 different available characters for kids to choose from and every single one completely lives up to that name.

They all have weirdly squinty or button eyes, which are often mismatched, and teeth, teeth that are pretty scary to look at on a stuffed toy to be completely honest. To take things one step further, each Fuggler comes with a certificate of adoption labeling the Fuggler “mischievous” and “misunderstood” and warning the new owner to “adopt at your own risk.” Can you imagine? PRetty funny if you ask us. To make things even more official, you can even register your Fuggler online, with the option to “begrudgingly agree to let Fugglers people send me emails full of nonsense.”

If you were wondering where this unique brand originated, it all started online in an Etsy shop called, cathairandteeth, which is now closed. It was run by a woman known as Mrs. McGettrick. The Fugglers were born when Mrs. McGettrick bought a set of fake teeth on eBay and attached them to a stuffed animal she had made. The rest is pretty much history. We can only assume that the originals will be worth a lot of money someday, but until then if you must get your hands on these creepy creatures, the nine- to twelve-inch dolls are available only in stores at the moment and won't be found just yet online. You can pick one up for $14.99 to $24.99 at Target, GameStop, Hot Topic and certain specialty retailers.

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