There Is A 'Frozen 2' Build-A-Bear Collection & It Is Adorable

Everyone is gearing up for the release of Frozen II on November 22. It seems like any big store you walk into right now has a huge display of merchandise for the movie, which is making kids (and adults) all the more excited for the big day!

Build-A-Bear is not about to miss out on the fun of Elsa and Anna's return to the big screen! The customized stuffed animal workshop recently released an entire Frozen II collection that will have every little fan begging their parents for just one more stuffed animal.

Little fans can choose from a white bear (Elsa), a purple bear (Anna), a snowman (Olaf), or a reindeer (Sven, who is only available online). But everyone knows you can't only get a bear, you have to dress it up! Build-A-Bear has you covered with a huge selection of outfits for every bear and even wigs to make them look more like Anna or Elsa.

Even though there isn't a specific Kristoff bear, the workshop does have a little outfit to make a regular beige bear Anna's leading mean. All of the clothes and accessories they have are perfect for the characters, and they have options for dressing them up to match either Frozen or Frozen II (so you can still dress Olaf up in his classic "Summer" outfit from the first movie).

This isn't the first movie to inspire Build-A-Bear collections. The DIY stuffed animal company has made collections for My Little Pony, Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, The Wizard of Oz (complete with ruby red slippers), Toy Story, and Paw Patrol.

The company has always used the tiny details to make their stuffed animals stand out from the rest of the merchandise on the market, and no two will ever be completely alike since the kiddos get to make their furry friends by themselves. While all of the special lines are fun for parents and kids, the Frozen II collection is full of beautiful little pieces that will truly make the bears look like royalty.

Go ahead and just plan on making a whole weekend out of the latest Disney release. Here's hoping there's a new song for the kids to play on a loop to replace "Let It Go".

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