Which Is Better For Your Back: Front Load Vs Top Load?

Front Load vs Top Load washer

Oh, laundry. It can be the bane of your existence if you are a parent. No matter how hard you try, it seems that laundry just keeps coming, regenerating faster than you can possibly eliminate it. Laundry is just one of the never-ending chores of life, but when you're also cleaning the clothing of all your precious littles, it can feel like an eternal uphill battle.

Luckily, there are different types of machines to tackle this beast of a chore. The two main options when it comes to laundry machines are top loading and front loading. Because you may end up doing laundry, and a LOT of it, you might want to be aware of which is the easiest on your back. It can be easy to accidentally harm yourself with repetitive motions such as bending over.

Pros and Cons of Front Loader Laundry Machines

Front load washers are typically a favorite for their unique feature of being stackable. This is a great feature for when you have a small space, or simply dont want to be using up a lot of the space you have with cumbersome washing machines. The problem that front loader machines have is that they probably will require some bending, whether it be to load it or simply picking up the things you'll drop when transferring items from the washer to the dryer (and you will drop things). There are options to get the machines raised a bit to ease the bending burden, but it may cost you more.

If you're looking for a little more detail about what your best options are when it comes to front loaders, reading reviews online is the best bet.

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Pros and Cons of Top Loader Laundry Machines

Top loading washers are generally better when it comes to your back health, because you can stand up straight when loading and unloading the machine. If your machine is tall and you are short, then your only issue might be getting all the items from the inside of the washer's drum.

The general problem with top loading machines is that they take up more space. Because they load in the top, you need to keep it free so that the lid is unobstructed.

Ultimately which you choose might depend on the type of space you have.

However if your main concern is back pain, you may want to go with a top loader, or try and get a front loader with a pedestal attached.

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