From The Brains Of Boys: 20 Ways He Tells His Mom He Loves Her

Parents can usually tell when their child is showing them affection. However, some parents can have a tough time knowing when their sons are showing them love.

Mothers sometimes have a hard time figuring out their son's love language. This could be because women and girls are socialized to express emotions differently. Mothers with both daughters and sons can definitely talk about the process of figuring this out.

Some moms only have sons, and this makes them better at being able to read a boy's displays of endearment. All moms can benefit from recognizing the not-so-obvious signs that their son is trying to show them love in their own way. Daughters don't have the monopoly on sweetness!

Whether it's because some boys prefer actions, small gestures, or don't really like to talk, these adorable displays can make a mother's day. Paying attention to these subtle signs can help any mom be able to better receive these small-scale gestures and also respond the best way they can.

Plus, mothers can also take solace in knowing that boys of all ages have cute habits that can create wonderful memories. Here are some ways boys and young men have been known to show affection for their mothers.

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20 Caressing Mom's Hair

Psychologist and author Abby Rodman is a mother of boys only. She wrote a post in the Huffington Post that described what "boys-only" moms learn from their sons.

Rodman mentions that her own mother only had daughters. As such, the elder Rodman is consistently surprised about how tender Abby's sons can be. In fact, the younger Rodman says that some people even pressured her to try having a daughter.

Some people even made unbecoming comments about the hardships of being a mom to boys only. Thankfully, Rodman says her boys show their love in many ways—including caressing her hair.

19 He Tells Mom How Beautiful She Is

Young sons often find a way to tell their mother what they think of them. They may find ways to tell you that you're beautiful.

Some boys may instead choose to compliment your intelligence or creativity. Your young son picks up on the things that make you great. Even if you feel you mess up as a mom sometimes, your son will still love you.

Instead of saying how much they love you, they may choose to say you're beautiful by laughing at your puns and other jokes. They also notice when you express compassion for others and may take to complimenting you on that instead.

18 He Tries To Protect Mom

Via USA Today

In an article for Huffington Post, one mom discussed how protective her boys are of her. She describes how they cheered her on after she gave labor.

She also mentioned that her sons defended her right to breastfeed wherever she can, even as they were young boys. Your son can pick up on your vulnerabilities and will show their love and support by trying to soothe you.

The mother who discussed this also mentioned that she has daughters as well. She notices that her relationship with her sons is different and special because of the different ways they show their love.

17 Smiling For Mom

This behavior is more common in babies who can't talk yet. Your son will smile when he sees you or hears your voice. There's even research to show that when a baby smiles, their mom feels good.

Young children smile to make their mother happy. Older sons may simply decide to google ways to make their mother smile. Whatever the reason, when your son smiles for you he's trying to let you know you are loved.

Also, he may be noticing that you're not having a great moment. A smile from your son may be just what you need to feel better.

16 He Listens To Mom's Wacky Ideas

Children are known not to listen to their mothers from time to time. Your son may still fall into this pattern once in a while, but he'll listen to your wacky ideas too.

Maybe you love talking about the intricacies of Star Wars, puzzles, or your favorite books. Whatever it is, your son will listen to you when you talk about something that makes you happy.

They may even pester you with questions about these things once in a while just so they can listen to you go on. But yes, this won't make them immune to not listening when it's time to do chores.

15 Exploring With Mom

Maybe you don't take your son out hiking very much, but your son will still find a way to turn something into an adventure.

One mom told Huffington Post that her son will often turn visits to Home Depot into a fun shopping experience. He did this by checking out whatever he could in the kitchen department.

Hey, spending quality time with someone is totally an act of love. Perhaps this is a justification to take your son to the grocery store more often. At least it'll give you both a chance to create adorable memories for the years to come.

14 He Teaches Mom About His Hobbies

It's been proven that children who are good at a hobby are generally happier. If your son is really into something, he may even go as far as teaching you everything there is to know about it.

This may mean he insists on playing that video game, making you watch his favorite show with him, or even asking the entire family to dress up as his favorite characters for Comic-con, Halloween, or another occasion.

When people love you, they want to share their passions with you. If your son consistently teaches you something about their favorite hobby, he loves you!

13 Giving Personalized Gifts

Obviously, most children have no money. They still find thoughtful ways to give something to their mothers. This may mean making something or buying presents for them as they get older and find first jobs.

In an article on Parents, some moms shared cute gifts they've received from their sons. One mother received an original poem on Mother's Day. Another mom received a necklace in the shape of a heart (it helps that this heart was made of diamonds).

Another mom received a thoughtfully made clay plate with her son's handprints. All of these gifts are thoughtful and most required no money, except the diamond heart.

12 Hugs!

According to Psychology Today, children under the age of 9 usually feel comfortable hugging or kissing their mothers as a sign of physical affection.

Some young boys are very affectionate with everyone in their family. As they become pre-teens and teenagers, they may forgo such physical contact with their both of their parents.

Still, some teenage boys may give mom a pat in the back, or they may tease younger siblings who still hug mom openly.

Then, they grow out of this and feel comfortable hugging both of their parents again. Things are different for everyone, but hugs are generally a sign of love at any age.

11 Imitating Mom

Via YouTube

Toddlers often imitate their parents because they're developing and trying to figure out what to do. According to Parents, this behavior is quite normal.

Boys are known to imitate their fathers, while girls are known to imitate their mothers. But as children grow, they imitate because they know you. Mothers discussed how their children imitate them on One Time Through.

Some children may imitate funny sayings, such as the mom whose son consistently screams, "what the heck!" Of course, some children are practical about imitating mom's moves. One child imitated how his mom moves her fingers on the iPad so he could play games!

10 Following Mom Around

This behavior is more common with toddlers. As they learn to walk, they might start following you around the house and may even imitate whatever you're doing in each room.

Toddlers learn about themselves by learning about you. Their young muscles are developing. They've now discovered that not only can they be in the same room as their mom, they can also "sweep" or "put on lipstick."

This may result in some hilarious moments. Some mothers have discussed being surprised by their young son behind them. A closer look could result in fewer surprises, and relishing in these temporary copycat moves.

9 Asking How Mom Feels

Via Fortune

According to The Independent, children ask an average of 73 questions per day. These questions are necessary for a child's development and they peak at around age 4.

Though some parents may receive the regular "why is the sky blue?" or "why is the Earth round?" Children might also ask about how you're feeling. That makes sense considering all the other questions your child is asking.

Keep in in mind that parents also ask children about their feelings. This is often the case when they're sick or upset. Maybe they've learned they should ask the same when you look a little blue.

8 Following The Sound Of Mom's Voice

Via Pinterest

It turns out all kids are wired to follow the sound of their mother's voice. Though this isn't something that just girls do, science now definitely states that your child will follow the sound of your voice regardless of their gender.

TIME Magazine actually says that children are connected and affected by the sound of their mother's voice. Not only that, children can recognize the sound of their mother's voice in less than a second.

This is true even when mothers don't say "real" words. This means the "baby talk" so many criticize at least has some functions that could help your son.

7 Being Nice To His Sister(s)

Mothers of boys may be surprised at how they treat their sisters. Even though the media portrays older brothers as being annoying or tormentors, they can also be nice to their sisters.

They may become protective as they get older, or hug their sisters. If they're an older brother, they may sing their younger sister songs or try to take care of them.

Some ways they might also be nice include covering for her from time to time. Sure, it's not okay when your kids disobey, but at least it's good to know that this stems from love.

6 Doing Chores

Many parents and studies back the idea that children should do chores. Though it's true that children who do chores will eventually be more independent, doing them can be a bonding experience for mothers and sons.

An article on Motherly discusses how a mom decided to ask her son to do chores along with her instead of putting him in front of the TV. It turns out that he loved doing them with her.

Her son was actually good at helping her even though he was only 4 years old. Relish in making chores fun, and it could help your child show you they care about you!

5 Sharing The Remote (Or Computer Screen)

Via Parenting

Children are notorious for never wanting to share the remote, or hand over the laptop so you can continue on with your Netflix binge. When they do, it could be because they decided they finally want to get off the couch and play.

But not all children have ulterior motives when they finally hand over this device. Your son may hand over the remote because he loves you and realizes you need a break too.

Sharing anything, in general, is a sign that a child cares. It's also something that's hard to teach. If your child hands you the remote or laptop, they love you.

4 Always Trying To Win

Whether you're playing board games or they're involved in a team sport, your child probably wants to win. Young boys and men tend to be competitive. Sometimes this is due to pressure from external forces or because of their pride.

However, some young boys simply want to show their mothers that they've mastered a skill. Even if they don't win, they may still compete because they understand that you'll cheer for them and make them feel better.

They may even compete with themselves to show off. Your son just wants to show that they can make you proud with something they do.

3 Hiding Emotions (To Protect His Mom)

Via YouTube

Boys are usually taught not to show their feelings. Girls are often taught to air them out. As a result, some moms become frustrated when their son is upset but doesn't say why.

Some boys may erroneously think they're protecting their mothers from negativity by not opening up about it. They may also try to morph one feeling into another. Though this can cause misunderstandings, it also provides some insight as to why some men seem not to express certain emotions.

But don't freak out if your son shuts down once in a while. He may just think he's protecting your feelings instead.

2 Sharing Funny Memes—Just For Mom

Via LiveAbout

People generally send you texts or share funny things with you when they think about you. Though we know some people do this when they're trying to woo someone they're interested in, it makes sense that some children may also send funny memes for their moms.

Maybe your son sees something online he thinks you'll like. He may remember an inside joke you have. Your son may send you a cute meme that he knows will make you laugh. Sure, he might not always say he loves you, but paying attention to your likes is one way your son shows his love.

1 Super Chatty

Working moms usually notice their child talks a lot. Though this may be more common with girls, boys also get talkative when they want to show warmth.

Your son may not be able to stop talking about his new favorite TV show or game. Maybe he's having his first crush, or learned a cool new fact at school.

Whatever it is, instead of saying he loves you, he'll keep talking about something he's passionate about because he wants to share it with you. Yes, it takes a little bit of patience to deal with this, but you'll also learn about your son. 

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