From Five Stars To No Stars: 20 Pacifiers, Ranked By Moms

There are some pros and cons that parents need to debate amongst themselves before they make the decision to give their little one a pacifier.

While it is tempting to purchase one from the store the minute a baby comes home, there are some concerns from experts that note that the use of a pacifier can cause dental problems by changing the shape of the baby’s teeth and gums. Other experts poo-poo that fact and point out that pacifiers can also be good because it helps soothe stressed-out little ones. Other research suggests that it can help prevent ear infections in newborns, too.

For parents that have weighed the risks and benefits and decided to purchase a pacifier, the choices can be overwhelming. Nowadays, there are all different types of pacifiers and it can be stressing for new parents to know which one their baby is going to like.

Even though purchasing pacifiers is a matter of trial and error, parents can make their shopping trips less stressful by reading lists like the one below that discuss the different brands and checking out reviews on online, or even community forums to see what their peers are saying about the most popular brands.

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20 Best: Dumbo Approves Of The WubbaNub

BabyList points out that mothers rave about the WubbaNub pacifier due to the fact that little ones have an easier time keeping hold of it, thanks to the sturdy build of the pacifier itself AND the fact that there’s an adorable stuffed animal attached to it.

The latter reason makes the WubbaNub the perfect choice for babies that like to cuddle and busy parents that are always losing pacifiers in the diaper bag. They’ll always be able to find it because the attached stuffed animal is hard to miss!

19 Best: Danes Swear By The Natursutten

According to Baby List, many parents adore the Danish-made pacifier because of its defining feature: it's made of natural rubber and has an oversized shield that is purposely designed to touch the little one’s nose. This supposedly simulates the natural way babies feed.

Really, the only downsides to giving the Nattursutten to a baby is that the natural rubber used to make it isn’t safe to clean using a dishwasher. Not to mention a child with a latex allergy might have a reaction to it.

18 Best: NUK Orthodontics Has Some Super Cute Designs

For parents that want a pacifier with really cute designs, Baby List says to look no further than the NUK Orthodontic. These pacifiers are smaller than others put out by companies (such as the Nattursutten) and are specifically designed to fit right underneath the baby’s nose.

The only thing some parents might not like is that the puller model of the NUK Orthodontic pacifier can be a massive pain to take apart and clean. The company also makes a single piece model, but they don’t have as many cute designs to choose from.

17 Best: Newborns Give MAM Orthodontic Pacifiers Two Thumbs Up

According to Baby List, new parents rave about the MAM Orthodontic pacifier because the company specifically designed it for newborn babies. This pacifier is pretty small and light-weight though, so be careful when packing the baby bag lest you lose it amongst the other necessities that need to be carried around with you, too.

Another cool perk of the MAM Orthodontic pacifier is that the company designed them with an anti-slip surface to help it stay firmly in the newborn’s mouths.

16 Best: First Years Gumdrop Is Simple Yet Effective

Via: Amazon

The Bump points out that some babies that are breastfed can be very fussy about what kind of pacifier they’ll take, and parents of children that are feeding them naturally adore the First Years Gumdrop pacifier because it was specifically designed for breastfed babies.

The company also made sure that the pacifier had a rounded nipple to make it easier for breastfed babies to get familiar with it, and used a cut-out design so that it wouldn’t block the little’s nose either.

15 Best: Toddlers Love Their BabyStache Pacifier

Cheeky Tummy writes that parents give the BabyStache pacifier two thumbs up, not only for the belly laughs it garners (who WOULDN’T crack up seeing a little one with a hilarious fake mustache?), but also because it’s created from BPA-free silicone and can be used for newborns, infants, and toddlers alike.

The pacifier itself is also orthodontic, which makes it a good choice for parents that have chosen to breastfeed their babies and don’t want to cause nipple confusion for their little one.

14 Best: Philips Avent Green Soothie Is Cheap But Awesome

According to The Bump, many parents dig the Philips Avent Soothie pacifier because it is super cheap (only four dollars if you order on Target’s website) and is specifically designed for newborns up to three months old.

Another good thing about Philips Soothie pacifier is that it's created from hospital grade BPA-free silicone and parents can safely wash it in the dishwasher, which means they won’t have to worry about thoroughly hand-washing in order to sanitize the pacifier after their baby uses it.

13 Best: RaZBaby RaZ-Berry Pacifier Helps Soothe Teething Babes

Via: YouTube

The Bump points out that parents like using the RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Pacifier for teething babies because it has an oversized nipple and a bumby texture that mimics both the look and feel of a raspberry. Both factors can help soothe a cranky baby whose gums are feeling incredibly sore as their teeth grow in.

Parents also like the fact that they can pop the RaZ-Berry pacifier in the freezer, which goes a long way to soothe irritated gums. Plus, the pacifier has a unique shape that allows babies to hold it steady in their mouths, along a handle so that older babies can pull it out whenever they're bored with it.

12 Best: Molar Muncher Allows Kiddos To Chomp Down

Whether you’re dealing with teething puppies or teething babies, it is SO important to help them alleviate their sore gums so that they don’t get too cranky.

According to The Bump, parents rave about the Molar Muncher pacifier for teething babies because it's designed to have a U-shape and extend to the molars to relieve some of the little one’s suffering. Traditional teething rings often don’t extend that far back, and that makes for a cranky baby since they can’t get the relief they need for their molars.

11 Best: Introduce Solids With Ashtonbee Baby Fruit Feeding Pacifier

Via: Ashtonbee

Teaching a baby to accept solid foods can be a bit of a challenge, but The Bump points out that the Ashtonbee Baby Fruit Feeder pacifier makes things a heck of a lot easier for parents to introduce the taste of fruits and vegetables to their little one.

This pacifier is designed in a way to allow small amounts of vegetables or fruits to be released whenever the child sucks on it. The company also made sure that the pacifier only allows tiny pieces of food to get through in an effort to reduce any kind of choking hazards for babies.

10 Don't Bother With: MAM Air Pacifier Has Been The Subject Of Recalls

According to a report left by a concerned parent on SaferProducts.gov, MAM Air pacifiers can be hit or miss when it comes to how well made it is.

One parent wrote that they were concerned when the nipple of their MAM Air pacifier broke off in his mouth and caused him to gag while the back of the pacifier was still attached to the clip on his clothes. Thankfully, the little one is fine, but the experience put the parent off from using that type of pacifier in the future.

9 Worst: Dr. Brown's Lovey Pacifiers Need To Have Stronger Ribbons

CBS News writes that this past spring, parents were worried after they heard that the company Handi-Craft recalled more than 600,000 of the Dr. Brown Lovey’s pacifier and teether products due to the fact that a snap on the items can detach from the pacifier’s ribbon, and thus pose a choking hazard for babies.

Handi-Craft received 67 complaints about the ribbon fraying and the snap coming off, although CBS News reports that no injuries have been reported to either the company or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

8 Worst: Someone Needs To Make A Better Clip Cover For Munchkin's Latch

CNN reports that back in 2016, parents that used one of the 180,000 Munchkin Latch pacifiers that were part of a recall were urged to contact the company so that they could either get a replacement or, if they wanted to use another brand of pacifier, a refund.

The company decided to recall some of their products after receiving reports that some of the pacifiers came with a clip cover that could detach itself.

To add insult to injury, several parents left reviews on Amazon pointing out that the pacifiers are poorly designed as it is too easy for them to fall out of the baby’s mouth and the plastic breaks easily.

7 Worst: Fred And Friends Chill Isn't So 'Chill' For Concerned Parents

The Bump writes that parents using the Fred and Friends Chill, Baby Artist, Volume, and Panic pacifiers were very concerned after they found out that the company had ordered a recall in 2014.

The pacifiers failed federal safety standards due to the fact that one of the beads on the Artiste pacifier (and a knob on the Volume pacifier) could detach and pose a choking hazard for infants. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the ventilation holes for the Volume and Panic models were way too small.

6 Worst: Pampers Natural Stages Pacifier Has Let Down Parents Everywhere

Pampers Natural Stages pacifier just can’t catch a break. In 2011, parents were furious when they heard that the company was forced to recall the products due to a possible choking hazard.

Even though the Consumer Product Safety Commission reassured worried parents on the website that no injuries to babies have been reported, they pointed out that it was better to be safe than sorry and to contact the company in order to either get a refund or a coupon that could be used to purchase any of the Pampers Natural Stages products.

5 Worst: The Pop Pacifier Isn't A Hit With Parents

According to the official website over at Doodle & Co., the defining feature of the Pop Pacifier is that the nipple automatically retracts into a self-protective bubble if the baby accidentally drops it. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Unfortunately, while this is a good idea in theory, many parents aren’t happy with this product. One Amazon review written by a woman named Lindsey noted that once the baby stops sucking, the nipple automatically retracts into the bubble and that made her child angry. She also noted that she felt that while the company had a great idea with a retractable pacifier, they needed to improve the design.

4 Worst: Philips Avent Translucent Orthodontics Isn't As Popular As Their Other Products

Via: Ideal Baby

Despite the fact that many parents and websites rave about Philips’ Soothie design, there’s been some criticism over their translucent Orthodontic pacifier over the years.

One mother left a one-star review on Amazon and noted that the company needs to re-think their design because she discovered that saliva and water got trapped inside because there’s no way to fully take it apart and clean it. This then led to black mildew growing inside of the pacifier, so she tossed it out.

3 MAM Original Needs Some Work

Via: MAM Baby

ABC News 11 writes that some parents dislike MAM’s original pacifier because they are extremely fragile.

In 2016, a mother named Kacie McFadden revealed that her son Ryder had not one, but two close calls when the MAM pacifier broke into two pieces and the nipple caused her son to start choking on it. McFadden was able to perform the Heimlich maneuver and saved her son’s life, but she told ABC News 11 that she switched to another pacifier brand after the second close call.

2 Worst: Chicco Natural Fit Is Hit Or Miss

Via: Moms Luck

One commenter on a KidsInDanger’s article, warned parents about the brands of pacifiers with the most recalls noted that she was unhappy with the Chicco Natural Fit pacifier. She claimed it can get easily lodged in a baby’s throat. When she noticed that her baby was in danger of choking and grabbed it out of her mouth, the pacifier wound up cutting her daughter on the inside of her cheek.

Another parent complained on Amazon that this pacifier is difficult to clean and there’s a space between the nipple and the pacifier itself that’s hard to reach, which results in mold growing there.

1 Worst: Nuby Natural Pacifier Is 'Meh' According To Some Parents

One poster on the BabyCenter Community notes that her son—who was being breastfed at the time—did not like the Nuby Natural pacifier and he immediately spat it back out. This isn’t just a fluke, as another parent on Amazon commented that their child also spat the Nuby pacifier back out after they offered it to him.

Other reviews on the online retail store point out that the pacifier is too small and the nipple is too firm, which explains why some babies may be rejecting it.

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