From Dad's POV: 20 Things Their Baby Mamas Do That Are Hard To Deal With

The relationships between baby mamas and baby daddies can often get complicated. After all, at this point some parents have to make it pretty clear that they are “not together,” but are, for the sake of the child. While no one knows what the future might hold, right now his relationship with his baby mama or baby daddy is on a day-by-day basis. The main priority is the child. Eventually, couples will figure out what direction the two of them will be going in, if you even get that far.

In the meantime though, there are so many things that baby daddies dislike, especially when it comes to their baby mamas dictating how they should help raise their lives or worse, dictate their lives. After all, it’s not like the two of you are a married couple… yet. But some of these things are definite deal breakers. Baby daddies often get frustrated when their baby mamas check up on them too often, display jealous behavior or worse, post things about their relationship on social media. Hey, he hasn’t put a ring on it just yet!

With that being said, here are 20 things that get baby daddies angry the most. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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20 When She Checks Up On Him Too Often

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You’re not married, yet your baby mama insists on knowing where you are, what you are doing, who are you with and where you are going at all times. It can get very frustrating, to say the least. She needs to give you your space, but she doesn’t seem to understand that. Just because the two of you share a child together, it doesn’t mean that you share your lives, too. At least, not yet. But she’s obviously working one step ahead in thinking that you are a couple set for life, even though the thought of it makes you want to break out in hives.

19 When She Gets Jealous

Ah, jealousy. It really doesn’t matter if she’s your wife, your fiancé, your girlfriend, or your baby mama: if she’s got a working pulse, chances are that she’s jealousy running through her veins. The thought of even seeing you with another woman – even if she’s related to you – makes her want to break into hives. Even though you are not ready to commit to her, she’ll make it pretty damn clear that she doesn’t expect you to commit to anyone else. It might not be fair, but that’s the way it is for her. And if you try and argue it out, good luck.

18 When She Micro-Manages His Time

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If there’s one thing that baby daddies certainly don’t like, it’s when their baby mamas try to micromanage their time. Even though they are not an official “couple,” you better bet your bottom dollar that your baby mama has your weekend planned with activities she thinks the three of you should attend as a family. If that weren’t enough, she wants to know why you were five minutes late when you were supposed to be at her house approximately 25 minutes ago (according to her calculations from your house to her house on Apple Maps). She doesn’t care what the excuse is, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

17 When She Refuses To Communicate

If she texts you, chances are she is going to get pretty upset if you don’t text her back within five minutes top. But if you text her, you might get a response in 24 hours, if you are lucky. That’s because she has more important things to do. Call it hypocrisy, but baby mamas have different priorities, and you might or might not be on the top of that list. Yes, again, it’s hypocrisy, but did you think working with your baby mama would be easy? After all, she’s still your baby mama – and not your wife – for a very good reason.

16 When She Tells People About The Two Of You

Despite all of the issues that the two of you have between each other (like you not wanting to commit and her not giving you a reason to commit), she still likes to tell her friends and family about the two of you, as if you were a real couple. If you didn’t know better, you’d think that she was actually planning a wedding behind your back – with or without you. But it’s not the lack of honesty that bothers you the most. It’s her A-level game of shadiness. She’s got the kind of issues that a therapist needs to hear about.

15 When She Requires Him to be home every night

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Even though she’s buying his and hers bath towels from Bed Bath and Beyond, there’s no way that she will ever let you sleep over at her house. To make matters worse, she’s got a dozen reasons for them, too. She doesn’t like the way you snore. She thinks your body temperature bothers her in bed and she can’t sleep over it. She needs her “space.” She insists on sleeping with a pillow in between her legs. She thinks it’s unfair that she has to wash the sheets, even though you slept on half of them. The list got on and on.

14 When She Expects Him To Buy All The Diapers

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And while she won’t let you sleep over (or even breathe without your permission), she expects you to pay her child support, give her pocket money and yes, pay for all of the baby’s needs. Again, you have to remind yourself over and over again that the two of you are not even married, yet her she is micromanaging your finances and taking a cut of your paycheck each week as if she were the IRS. In addition, don’t even think of seeing the baby without a box of diapers in your hands – it’s on your weekly “to buy” list.

13 When She Doesn’t Help In The Clean Up

Not only are you buying all of the diapers (and trust us, they don’t come cheap), but she also expects you to do all of the work when you are around. After all, she pushed that baby out of her body, not you. While it normally takes some mothers four to six months or even up to a year to recuperate, your baby is two years old and she’s still complaining as if she just got out of the hospital yesterday. She might not be a great baby mama to you, but she sure is a damn good Hollywood award-winning actress.

12 When she acts like he can't handle the baby on his own

If she’s not around or available, you hate it how she gives you very limited contact with the baby. Even though you’ve done everything (and more) to prove that you are a capable father, she insists on having a third party help you with all of the basics, like giving the baby a bath, feeding him or her, or putting the child to sleep. And this “in house” training has been going on for months now. She treats you as if you were a child who always needs help and support, even though that’s the role you’ve been giving for her.

11 When She Becomes Unreasonable

This has to be a huge deal breaker for a lot of baby daddies out there. She’s unreasonable. When you say yes or agree to something, she says no. When you say no, she insists on it. It’s almost as if she is driving you out the door on purpose, and then can’t help but wonder why you haven’t bought her an engagement ring yet. She wants you when you are not there, but then hints that you should go home when you show up. She runs you in circles. And just to think, she’s not on any kind of meds, either.

10 When She Complains About His Mom

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This has got to be the worst: you don’t even know if the two of you have a future together, yet she’s making the present very difficult: she doesn’t get along with your mom. Her mother is “grandma” but your mom is referred to as her first name. For your baby mama, that’s just the way it goes. And you might as well forget about it if you insist on bringing the baby to your mama’s house. She will bring the National Guard and army tanks with her just because she has zero trust in you or the woman who raised you.

9 When She Doesn’t Make an effort With His Family

Actually, your mother is only a tiny fraction of the overall problem. She doesn’t like anyone in your family. She prefers that all holidays are spent with her loved ones every year. As much as you would love to show off your tot to your uncles and aunts, forget about it. She’ll make every excuse in the world to not make it happen. That’s because the world revolves around her, not you or any of your blood relatives for that matter. With that being said, she most certainly uses the baby as a pawn in a very dirty game that won’t end well.

8 …Or With His Friends

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Ha! Did you think that your friends would be immune to her wrath? Think again. She doesn’t like your mother, she doesn’t like your extended family, and she certainly doesn’t like anyone in your circle of friends. That might be because no one likes her in theory, but still. She’s got a reason to believe that they are all toxic enemies who are trying to destroy any amount of happiness that might be between the two of you. She also thinks it’s about time for most of them to get jobs, but we can save that rant for another day.

7 …Or With His New Girlfriend

If you have a baby mama on one side and a new girlfriend on the other side, good luck. Because boy, you are playing with fire. Even though she doesn’t think it’s a good idea that the two of you should commit to one another, she also thinks it’s not a good idea for you to commit to anyone else. Remember what we said about jealousy? Well, put your seat belt on because you are about to feel the driving force of her wrath. You better hope she thinks the new girlfriend is ugly because if she is even one percent attractive, your baby mama might go nuts.

6 When She Implements Too Many Rules

You can’t take the baby out during the weekend. And if you do take the baby out, you can’t leave the house unless you have enough formula, diapers, wipes, change of clothes, burp clothes, and so on in your “dad bag.” The baby must go to bed at the exact hour and minute each night, according to the schedule and routine she set up. No buying toys, books, or gifts without her pre-approval. No taking your child to work to show him or her off to your co-workers. No sugar. No snacks. No bread that has even a hint of gluten in it.

5 …And Gets Angry When He Doesn’t Follow Them

Heck, she’s implemented so many rules that you feel like you have to buy a book of them from your local Barnes and Nobles. And the worst part is getting caught if you don’t follow them. She’s made it clear on several occasions that she expects everything to work like clockwork, even though there’s no handbook that says parenthood works that way at all. But in her mind it does. And like we’ve mentioned several times above, when she gets angry, close all the windows in your home, because there’s a hurricane coming your way! And yes, you will get wet.

4 When It’s Her Way Or The Highway

One of the most difficult things about your baby mama is that it’s her way or the highway. And honestly, if it weren’t for the child that the two of you share together, you would have been on that highway a long time ago. There’s just no way getting through to her, which has you feeling frustrated, upset, angry, tired and more stressed out then what it’s worth. She has no idea just how much she’s hurting herself – and the child the two of you share - more than you through all of her demands. Before too long, you’ll be throwing in the towel.

3 When She Posts On Social Media

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She’s really critical of the things that you post on social media, yet she does it all the time, regardless of how you may feel about it. That’s what you can’t stand the most. If you even dare post a cute selfie of you and your tot on Instagram, she will accuse you of exploiting the child. Yet, she snaps, posts on Instagram, updates on Facebook, does Instastories and even Musical.ly videos of the two of them together. But this is mostly because she doesn’t have much of a life aside from social media. You know this more than anyone else.

2 When Her Expectations Are Too high

Even though the child you share is almost two years old, she’s still on her “maternity leave.” She hasn’t even made an effort to go out and get a job on her own. Yet, she expects you to bring home the bacon and then some. She has high expectations. As your baby mama (and the Queen of all things), she needs to get away on an all-inclusive vacation. On your dime, of course. Her car has been giving her trouble and subtly tells you how she’s been eyeing this new Range Rover at the dealership across town. Also, it’s been a while since she’s gotten something “blue” from Tiffany’s. Hint, hint and another hint.

1 When She Hopes For A Permanent Commitment

Even though she makes world leaders from some of the most dangerous countries in the world look sane, she still has the hope that yes, the two of you will make your relationship official one day. After all, it’s no fun being a baby mama and it’s certainly not cool being called one if you are in your 30’s, or dare we even say, 40’s. Even though there are no negotiations on her end, she still thinks that she’s charming enough to be someone’s wife one day. And you know that her hope has as much value in it as the last fart she let out at Tijuana Flats, thinking no one heard it.

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