Friend Criticizes New Mom's Baby Name Choice Because Of The Stigma Of The Name

Deciding on the perfect baby name can be tricky. There are a lot of things to consider! But really, what you name your baby should be between you and your partner, and it's no one's business. Because let's be honest - ANY name is going to rub someone the wrong way. They won't like it or know someone with that name or have a weird association with the name. We should really just keep baby names to ourselves until the baby is born, but we know that it doesn't always happen that way! Parents get excited and want to share their baby's name, because it makes the whole thing seem more real. It's not just a nameless baby anymore, it's a little person with an identity. However, when you share your baby name, you run the risk of getting unwanted or unnecessary feedback. This was the case in a recent Reddit post, where a woman asked AITA (Am I the A%&hole?) for criticizing her cousin's baby name. Truth be told, the reason she didn't like it was pretty ridiculous!

Reddit user LightningStr posted in the AITA forum, asking if the way she reacted to her cousin's baby name was out of line. Some context: her cousin, Stephanie, is pregnant with a baby girl. She shared the name that she chose for her daughter with some close friends and her cousin, the Redditor. Stephanie has decided to name her baby Karen, which is a perfectly lovely name! Most of her friends were very supportive of the name choice to her face, but LightningStr says that once she left the room, everyone was singing a different tune.

You see, Karen is a lovely name, but it's also a meme. You might know what meme we're talking about. It always refers to an entitled, middle-aged woman, usually white, and it has negative connotations. LightningStr says she was uncomfortable by everyone's fake reactions to the name, so she talked to her cousin and explained why the name Karen might not be a good choice. Needless to say, her cousin did not take kindly to the criticism!

So LightningStr wanted to know, AITA for bringing it up and telling her the name Karen would turn her daughter into a meme? And Reddit did not hold back. Turns out, she ITA! The thing is, there's nothing wrong with the name Karen. Plenty of people have probably never even heard of or seen the meme in question!

And it's a MEME on the INTERNET, which has a shelf life of approximately four days. Reddit told her she was in the wrong, and LightningStr offered a sincere apology to her cousin, which was accepted. The lesson here: keep your opinions about baby names to yourself!

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