This Company Has Created An Underwear That Will Protect The Family Jewels


If you're stuck on just what to get your husband or partner this Father's Day, one company may have just come up with the perfect gift.

We've seen many different brands of underwear on the market promising to offer the main man in your life comfort, style and even a cooling system to help promote sperm production. But now there's a new underwear available that simply wants to help your man protect his family jewels from those constant hits to the nether region that go hand in hand with being a dad.

After seeing her husband on the receiving end of one particularly nasty hit to the groin thanks to her kids, Chelsea Hirschhorn, co-founder and CEO of Fridababy, decided there was a market for 'kid proof' underwear. Not long after, FridaBalls was born.

"I didn’t take his complaints too seriously at first (I mean, I birthed these kids from my own body, so it’s tough to compete with that frame of reference), but after witnessing one particularly rough incident, I decided to investigate and found 3 million videos on YouTube of dads 'taking one for the team.' I was convinced – this is a real problem that needed a solution," she told Buzzfeed.

The FridaBaby team set forth to create a pair of underwear that would not only offer protection, but comfort as well. The end result was underwear that looks like a typical boxer brief, made with a breathable, movable fabric, as well as a no slip waist band. Hirschorn explains that in addition to being protective, the undergarments feel good to wear as well.

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"We took inspiration from sports padding and then modified the structure to increase style and comfort."

According to the FridaBaby website, the underwear are 'equipped with a reinforced protective pouch to soften the blow,' of little ones who seem to know just where to hit dad for maximum pain effect.

The people at FridaBaby know what kinds of products parents really need. They're the company behind the Snotsucker, which is one of those items parents rave about, as well as a pacifier that let's you dose your baby with medicine, and a handly little contraption called the Windi that helps relieve your childs gas pains.

If you think the FridaBalls underwear look like something silly, or possibly not quite worth the $28 a pair they're listed for online, you may be alone. The underwear are currently sold out, but you can enter your email to join the wait list and be notified when they begin shipping again.

If you know a dad who isn't nuts about constantly getting hit in his private parts, FridaBalls underwear may make the perfect gift. The reinforced protective pouch is sure to help guard the family jewels from those unsuspecting kicks and hits, and the Heirloom Conservation Technology is here to ensure that dad gets to have even more little ones.

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