Free Ways To Enjoy Autumn With Your Kids

Autumn is those few months each year that are packed with holidays, family, and an overall a sense of cheer. There can be a lot of pressure to celebrate and do special things each month from September through December as stores and people gear up for the holiday season. But these occasions don't have to break the bank!

There are plenty of ways parents can enjoy the seasons with their little ones without spending a bunch of money. From creating autumn-themed crafts using materials found in your own backyard to having an at-home mani-pedi session, these ideas are sure to win over your youngsters!

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10 Make Themed Crafts

A few holidays fall within the autumn season, which means it's pretty much the ultimate craft time! What's even better about it being a season to get creative is the fact you can use Mother Nature in your projects.

The leaves are golden and falling and there are plenty of twigs and branches to gather, even if you have to go hunting at the park! Not into fall-themed art? Great! Autumn incorporates some of December as well so get to making those coffee filter snowflakes!

9 Have A Dance Party

The weather is cooling down. It's finally appropriate to actually light up your fireplace and stay inside on a Friday night, so take advantage of this precious family bonding time by having a little celebration of your own! Crank up the tunes and get to stepping! This is a fun and cute idea for parents with little ones who love to be twirled around as they really need no excuse to get down on the dance floor!

8 Paint Your Nails For The Holidays

Whether it's your hands or your toes, we're sure your little ones won't mind as long as they get to paint mommy's (or daddy's) nails! Not only is this a festive way to ring in the season, but it also shows your child you trust their creative instincts as they smear orange and yellow nail polish all over your toes.

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Just imagine how proud your youngsters will be as you show off their handiwork! And you'll be proud you had an awesome and totally free night in.

7 Have A Picnic In The Park

We love this classic, yet pretty epic, idea! Instead of eating lunch or dinner at home on a weekend, pack it up and head to the park! Not only will you be able to appreciate the beauty of autumn, but your kids can also get out some energy while there. To make it even better, plan an autumn menu around some of your family's favorite recipes. You'll be satisfied with the budget-friendly outing and your kids will be pretty happy, too!

6 Attend A Local School's Football Game

Depending on your town, high school football games are either free or budget-friendly. You may even be able to find discount tickets if you're buying for your whole family.

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There's nothing like sitting under those Friday night lights as you and your children cheer on the home team! Just be sure to bring a blanket to wrap up in if it's a chilly autumn evening and maybe even a thermos of hot cocoa to keep your little ones happy!

5 Write Cards To People You Care About

What better way to end the year than on a positive note? Take the time to sit down with your kids, decide who they're thankful for, and write cards to them! Your kids can even decorate their own cards (instead of buying them!) and hand-deliver their notes to really give it a personal touch. This also saves on mailing costs, which truly makes it a free activity! Of course, you can't put a price tag on something as sweet as this, though!

4 Have A Costume Contest

If you celebrate Halloween, which takes place in autumn, then why not have a friendly family costume contest?! You can recycle costumes from past years and get creative using materials already found around the house! This fun activity is entertaining for kids and cost-saving for parents! A true win-win when it comes to celebrating the autumn season!

3 Visit A Fall Festival

Check out your local festival scene as some communities have free admittance to these events. Pack a few of your kid's favorite snacks to skip having to buy overpriced festival food, take pictures with the pumpkins and scarecrows, and enjoy being surrounded by community as you stroll through the park on a fall day.

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While not everything at a fair is free, you can make this outing budget-friendly and memorable by simply being entertained by the festivities!

2 Take Pictures At A Pumpkin Patch

This may be a trickier one if your children are a bit older as they may want to take pumpkins home with them. However, younger kids will most likely be content just strolling around a pumpkin farm as they take in all the exciting sights. As a parent, this gives you the perfect photo opportunity to dress your kids in festive clothing and have an impromptu photoshoot at the pumpkin patch! If you anticipate your kids asking for costly snacks, bring along some of their favorite treats for them instead.

1 Host A Lemonade Stand

The weather is finally cooler now, which means it's the perfect time to teach your kids about selling lemonade! Not only is his a fun way to get your kids out in the community, but you can also earn back any money you spend on materials.

You most likely have the main ingredients in your home already (one being water!) and may need to only get lemons and disposable cups, but you can find those at bargain stores. You can also have fun baking autumn-inspired treats with your kids to sell as well. Talk about a sweet way to celebrate the season!

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