‘Freckle On Wrist’ Challenge Goes Viral: Do You Have One?

freckle on wrist

Every once in a while, a viral thread or challenge comes along that sort of freaks us out. Usually we ignore the majority of the viral stuff that seems to catch everyone's attention. It's the internet! There's some new viral thing three times a week! We just don't have the bandwidth to care about all of them. But, sometimes one stands out. Either because it's so outrageous we can't help but notice (remember that dress one?!). And sometimes, we take notice because we are actually part of the viral challenge or hype. This happens to be the case with the latest one making the rounds. A little over a week ago, someone on Twitter asked a simple question: Ladies, do you have a freckle in the middle of your wrist? And holy cow, the replies.

It seems as though a lot of women (like, a LOT) share the same freckle on either their left or right wrist. Could be a coincidence, or maybe it's the sign we've been waiting for to rise up and take over the world. You decide!

It all started with a simple tweet posted by Twitter user Aaryn. She shared some photos of wrist freckles and asked women if they had their own matching freckle. And that's when the replies started rolling in. She got over 13,000 responses, most of them from other women WHO HAVE THE SAME WRIST FRECKLE.

In a sea of freckles, that one clearly stands out. But that's just one woman, right? Wrong.

There it is, the wrist freckle that connects us all!

And another one.

And another one!

And yes, ANOTHER ONE! Thousands and thousands of women sharing pictures of their wrist freckles. It's a little freaky! Naturally, we were a tad skeptical at first. But then we looked at our wrist, and lo and behold, guess what we found? That's right - a freaking wrist freckle. Who knows what this even means, but you have to admit, it's kind of crazy that so many women from all over the world and all walks of life share the same freckle on one of their wrists. Admit it, you just checked yours! So spill: do you have the wrist freckle too?

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