Four Children Died In A Car Accident Thanksgiving Morning

Tragedy doesn’t take a break for the holidays, and one family found out that the hard way on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was on November 28th, and when most families are settling down for dinner and enjoying good food and company, one family was going through their biggest challenge.

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It was reported by Ben Gardner, a Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper, that a family of 6 was travelling on Thanksgiving morning, when their car left the road and flew into a pond. This happened in Republic County, near the state’s northern border with Nebraska. The accident happened at 11:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving day.

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Paramedics arrived quickly and found that four children, who have not been identified, had died. The first early reports had stated that all of the children were under the age of 8-years-old, but Ben Gardner told NBC News that they are not entirely sure how accurate that statement is.

Credit: www.wptv.com

The mother of the children was sent to Salina Regional Health Center, in serious condition. Ben Gardner has said that because of her injuries, the transport to the hospital and following surgeries, it was difficult to gain more information on the children. “The mother has the majority of the information on the children, but she is not completely accessible,” is what Ben told NBC News.

There was also a male in the car at the time, who was interviewed by the highway patrol, but he did not appear to know the children very well. It is unclear at this time, how he knows the children and the mother. He was able to walk away from the crash and was not injured.

While the identities of everyone involved have not been released, it does appear that none of the passengers in the car were from Kansas. They may have been travelling to spend Thanksgiving with family or friends. Kansas Highway Patrol continues to run an investigation into the events leading up to the crash, that may have caused it.

They also await the mother, to wake up, who may be able to provide more information on the children. However, they also have the unfortunate task of informing her that all of her children have passed away.

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