4 Serious Signs Your Child Or Teen Is Addicted To Video Games

As many parents already know, online addictions to games and social media has been a huge concern, especially for young children who spend endless hours in front of their handheld devices and screens. And now with the school year ending, many parents are concerned that their children’s addiction to online gaming might reach a fever pitch. Well, in addition to Minecraft, Roblox, and endless YouTube videos, parents have another gaming trend to worry about: Fortnite.

According to reports, Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game that was developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. It was released back in July of 2017 and has taken the gaming world by storm. It can be played on several different platforms, including PlayStations 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and more. It’s free and chances are if you have a child between the ages of 8 and 18 at home, they are either playing the game or know someone who is playing it at home.

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But what makes this game so controversial is that kids are becoming seriously addicted. In addition, many parents are concerned that the game might be too violent and not suitable for younger players. With that being said, here are a few signs that suggest your child might be dangerously obsessed with the video game.

Obsessive Behavior

Fortnite: Battle Royale is an online multiplayer game that sees 100 characters parachute out of a plane onto an island where they fight each other until only one player remains. There’s no story – instead, players just duke it out using a variety of weapons until one is left standing.

Hidden around the island are weapons and items, including crossbows, rifles and grenade launchers, and players must arm themselves while exploring the landscape and buildings. It’s also possible to collect resources that allow you to build structures where you can hide or defend yourself.

But here’s the problem: many parents are worried that their kids are becoming increasingly obsessed with the game, to the point that they are playing it for hours on end. If your child is showing signs of seeming irritable or acting aggressive when not playing the game, or they might be completely preoccupied over the game when not playing it, they might be obsessed.


If you find that your child is waking up in the morning and reaching over to their Xbox or handheld device before their breakfast, there’s a strong possibility that your child might be hooked on the game. In addition, if the last thing they do before they go to bed is play a round on Fortnite, then your child is beyond addicted.

In addition, if you find that your child is locking him or herself away in their room while playing the game, it’s time to take action. Although, health experts say that playing a game for hours on end doesn’t necessarily mean they are hooked. It only becomes a problem if this crosses over and becomes a physical or psychological problem.

If your child is having troubles sleeping at night, intervention is needed sooner rather than later. Many psychologists agree that such issues need to be tackled sooner rather than later in order to establish a healthy, moderate use of online games before the problem gets worse.

Diminished Poor Hygiene

Of course, getting children to take care of their personal hygiene might feel like a task in itself, but if playing Fortnite is getting in the way of simple tasks such as changing their clothes in the morning, brushing their teeth or even bathing, there’s a strong possibility that your child is dangerously obsessed with the game.

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If he or she refuses to do anything else – including taking care of their personal hygiene – because they are too preoccupied with the game, this might be a cause for concern for many parents.

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Also, health experts are increasingly worried that man kids are spending too much time indoors playing video games rather than playing outside with their friends. Not only does this contribute to the rise of childhood obesity, but also increased isolation. If you find that your child is not only refusing to take care of their hygiene, but also limits the amount of interaction he or she has with their friends, this is another cause for concern.

Concerns Of Violence

Many parents are concerned over the level of violence in Fortnite. Luckily, the game is not as bad as some others that are available on the market right now, even though many players do like to call it “Call of Duty” for kids.

The game involves shooting each other using weapons like crossbows, assault rifles, grenade launchers and sniper rifles, plus you can fight using melee weapons like swords, axes, spears and scythes. Thankfully, the game is not very graphic. There’s no bloodshed and the graphics make it more fun than anything else.

If you live in the UK and Europe, Fortnite has a 12 rating, meaning it’s suitable for children aged 12 and over. In the US and Canada, it has a Teen rating, so it’s deemed suitable for teenagers. As parents though, experts suggest should use your discretion as to what age your kids can play it at home.

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