Here's Why Formula Is Just As Good As Breast Milk

If you're a mother you have no doubt found yourself in the breast vs formula debate at some point. Regardless of your stance on the matter, it has widely been accepted that 'fed is best,' however, there are still some people who sit firmly on either side of the debate, making many moms feel insecure about their feeding choices. Comedian Adam Conover who hosts the popular TruTV series Adam Ruins Everything recently posted a video that should end the debate for good, proving that formula is just as good as breast milk, and he even has the receipts to back it up.

Conover's series uses humor, history, and science to "reveal the hidden truths behind everything you know and love," according to his website. In this video titled, Why Baby Formula Isn't Poison, Conover tackles the myth that baby formula isn't as good for your baby as breast milk and that there's a 'right' and 'wrong' way to feed a baby. In this segment actress Mo Gaffney explains to viewers the history of formula and how it was a "literal lifesaver" when it was first invented as many children were malnourished and underfed if their mothers couldn't produce breastmilk or had troubles breastfeeding.

Credit: YouTube / Adam Ruins Everything

Viewers don't have to take Gaffney's word for the fact that formula feeding is just as good as breastmilk. Conover brings out the receipts when Dr. Courtney Jung, a lactation expert, and professor at the University of Toronto, appears to give actual facts about the nutritional value of baby formula. "Formula is a safe and nutritionally complete alternative to breast milk," Jung says. "For things like I.Q., asthma, allergies, eczema — once you account for income and education, there's almost no difference between breastfeeding and formula feeding. The evidence that breastfeeding makes a difference is just inconclusive. The fact is, formula feeding is a completely safe and nutritious alternative to breastfeeding. If you want or need to feed your baby formula, do it with confidence," Jung advises.

The video also debunks the myth that breastfed babies are able to bond more with their mothers, thanks to the release of the hormone oxytocin. Conover reveals that while breastfeeding does release oxytocin, so do activities like firing a gun and watching porn. He then quoted a 2008 Developmental Review that stated: "there is no convincing support for a connection between breastfeeding and the quality of the mother-infant relationship."

Credit: YouTube / Adam Ruins Everything

Gaffney also points out that while breastfeeding is an amazing bonding experience, not everyone can do it. She points out that 15% of mothers are unable to breastfeed, and goes on to remind viewers that adoptive parents and foster parents are also unable to breastfeed.

The next time sometime tries to guilt you or anyone you know about how you choose to feed your baby, show them this video and remind them that fed really is best.

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