Ford Invented A Mattress That Keeps Your Husband Off Your Side Of The Bed

Sleep is precious. As parents we know this all too well. And when you're just trying to get a few decent hours of sleep, you will do just about anything to get it. Sharing your bed, whether it be with a partner of a co-sleeping kiddo, can be even more exhausting. It's impossible to get comfortable when another person has their knee in your back, or is constantly stealing the covers. But the worst is definitely being pushed to the edge of the mattress. Ford (yes, the car company) has created a prototype for a mattress that will finally put a stop to that.

So, why would the motor company get into the bed game? Well why not? Using their car making technology, they have realized the need for such a bed. Because unless you like sleeping at the edge of the bed, why would you want to?

The bed sounds amazing though. According to POPSUGAR, Ford has employed the tech they usually reserve for making cars to create a "lane changing" smart bed. At this point, if there's a "smart" version of just about everything else, why wouldn't there be a smart bed? And one with the capability to keep you from getting tossed off the bed at night would be an absolute dream.

And just how does this "lane changing" technology work? Well, it's kind of like a treadmill — and it uses pressure sensors to figure out where bodies are on the bed. If it detects one body too close to the edge, the sensors trigger electric motors to guide that body back into position. This means that you wouldn't have to wake up and slide yourself back into position — the bed will do all the work for you.

As of right now, this bed is just a prototype — it's inspired by Ford's new Lane keeping aid. This, according to Ford Europe "actively supports the driver to safely guide the vehicle back into the correct lane by 'nudging' the steering wheel in the correct direction." So basically, it uses the same concept to guide a body back into its rightful spot on the bed.

There has been no price point attached to this mattress yet, but we're hoping they see the need for such a bed and decide to mass produce it. While it may be as expensive as a new car, it would be totally worth it.

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