20Ready To Ride


This one is at the top of my list for good reason. In the last, say, three weeks, my youngest has taken up a little game that is really, really annoying.

See, one time when her papa was trying to click her into her car seat, she realized she could get

a reaction and prolonged attention if she stood up in the seat, smiling and procrastinating as she refused to sit her butt down.

My solution?

I didn’t give her the reaction she wanted. It was tempting to laugh, or to show obvious frustration as she monkeyed around when I was trying to overcome that one last obstacle to getting out the fricking door, but instead I calmly explained what she needed to do and gave her one last chance to do it on her own before seating her myself.

Oh, and I used the ever-popular countdown method: “OK, last chance: 3, 2, 1… plop down!”

And when she sits right away with no games, she gets abundant praise.

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