19Clean Those Pearly Whites


No joke: My kids beg to do “brush-teeth” time, and if they don’t get to floss first, they’re pissed. I think my main “hack” is that I’m big on dental hygiene and am sure to floss and brush twice a day myself, so of course they want to also.

My other

tricks? We started using a washcloth to rub the gums of our newborns. We moved on to teether brushes for a nightly rub, then transitioned to brushing their early teeth ourselves at least once a day, and then gradually let them join the effort and moving toward twice-a-day full-on brushings. No gap in brushing action as the months passed.

Here are some ideas from a mom writing at Babble.com: Have them go through the Happy Birthday song (twice) in their heads to actually brush enough, let them brush “on the go” (not just in the bathroom), have them show off their brushing skills to the family pet, use The Disney Magic Timer app to make it a fun game, let them pick out their own brush, play their fave song, show them their teeth in a mirror to explain the connection between the brushing and the appearance of those teeth, or use good old-fashioned bribery.

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